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See an Overview of the themes on the Bible Kids Fun Zone membership website below: There are 12 Bible Themes (themes with bible-based lessons). See Bible themes below in alphabetical order. There are presently 50 lessons presently for toddlers (ages 2-3) and 57 for ages 4-5. (Armor of God and intro Fruits of the Spirit lesson only come in preschool version). There are also 4 General Themes with printable crafts and coloring pages: , Fun and Fithess, U.S.A. Patriotic theme, and ABC / English Alphabet, which has lots of free printables. Creation, Adam and Eve, Moses, Mother's Day lessons are in PDF format. Bible Kids Fun Zone is working to put more in pdf format.
Bible Themes General Preschool Themes

Adam and Eve (1 lesson)

Fruits of the Spirit (9 lessons)

Moses (7 lessons)

ABC / English Alphabet

Armor of God (6 skits/lessons)

I and II Timothy (6 lessons)

Mother's Day (1 lesson)

Flags (Patriotic)

Creation (7 lessons)

Good Samaritan (1 lesson)

Nativity (5 lessons)

Fun and Fitness

Easter (2 lessons)

Jesus' Birth ( Nativity)

Noah's Ark (5 lessons)


Father's Day (1 lesson)

Jesus' Death (Easter)

Palm Sunday (1 lesson)

U.S.A (Patriotic)

Friends (6 lessons)

Jesus' Resurrection (Easter)

Thankfulness (1 lesson)

Adam and Eve Theme

The Adam and Eve Interactive Lesson helps children really learn the Bible story of how Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, and it also teaches them about God's grace and love. Children get a chance to interact with you as you teach with fun rhymes and refrains that children repeat with you. They wait in suspense as they learn the choices Adam and Eve make and learn that they disobey God. There are fun Adam and Eve crafts that keep children engaged such as the Singgly Wiggly Snake craft and the stand-up Garden of Eden set that children can play with to re-enact the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Learn more and see some of the Adam and Eve pictures and printable craft pages and coloring pages

Armor of God Theme

Armor of God series for preschool children (age 4 and 5 only) has printable Armor of God Sunday school lessons, crafts, bulletin board pictures, printable coloring book pages, activities and games. Printable Armor of God paper dolls (teddy bears) are included for the teacher to use as a visual aid for lesson. Black and white printable armor paper dolls and crafts are included for children to use as crafts and coloring pages. See Armor of God skits/lessons for more details.

Creation Theme (With Focus on God's Character)

The Creation lessons have a focus on the character of God. Each week, children not only learn what God made, they learn an aspect of his loving character. The interactive lessons keep children enaged and active in their learning: Kid-friendly rhyming verse, hand motions, sound effects, and object lessons are just a few examples. Teacher helps for lessons include a creation puzzles, creation pocket chart, crafts to use during lesson, sticker sets, colorful illustrations, are just some of the printables you can use with the Creation theme, to use to make lessons interactive and fun! After the lesson, key concepts are reinforced through fun age-appropriate activites and easy crafts. In Circle Talk Time, its the child's chance to share in a group setting. The concepts are brought into the child's everyday world for greater understanding. Additional activities include songs or rhymes with hand motions, games, group activities and snack ideas. There are key concepts, a sample prayer and suggested Key Verse for memorization in each lesson as well. For free Creation activity ideas, links and craft supplies, scroll down to the bottom of the Creation page.

Easter Theme 1 / Resurrection of Jesus (Crafts only)

This theme is filled with crafts and activities for the resurrection story. The Easter Scene with stand-up Bible characters and tomb will make any Easter story come alive. There are 10 printable pages for this project. 11 other crafts are included in Easter Fun Pack 1. Go to the Easter Fun Pack 1 page for more details and to see samples of printable pictures. For Easter / Resurrection preschool / toddler lessons, see Easter Fun Pack 2 below.

Easter Theme 2 - With Two Preschool Easter Lessons about Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection:
Death, Burial and Resurrection New Life in the Christ Jesus

The Easter lesson, The Best Miracle, teaches children about all the miracles of Easter, especially the best miracle, the resurrection of Jesus. The bible story is told in a way kids' can relate to, with lots of pictures. Circle Talk Time helps children what the story means for each of them personally. There is a pretend play activity, rhyme with hand actions and group activity to go with this lesson. The follow-up lesson, New Life in Jesus, reviews the resurrection bible story, then uses the anaology of the caterpillar to butterfly changing into a new creature to teach the Christian concept of 'new creature'. There are four crafts for this lesson, as well as a pretend plan activity, action rhyme and group activity for this lesson. Go to the Easter Fun Pack 2 to view details and pictures.

Father's Day Theme

This Father's Day Sunday school lessons for preschoolers is based on the bible story of David making preparations for Solomon to build the temple and the things David teaches Solomon. Circle Talk Time brings home the key concepts so the children understand what the lesson means for them personally. There are 8 David and Solomon story pictures that double as coloring pages, as well as 8 additional coloring pages. There are 11 Father's Day crafts included in this theme, as well. Go to the Father's Day lesson page to view samples of printable crafts, lesson illustrations and coloring pages.

Fruits of the Spirit Theme

Help children understand the Fruits of the Spirit concepts by bringing it down to their level. The intro lesson gives the message of salvation in a simple way. The focus of the remaining lessons is staying connected to the vine (abiding in Jesus) to produce "fruit". A bear puppet asks questions young children would have to explain the concepts in a simple way. There are lots of bright pictures, f hands-on activities and crafts to keep children participating in their learning. Activities include action rhymes or songs with hand motions, pretend play activities and group activities, fun fruity snack ideas and games. Go to Fruit of the Spirit Theme page to view samples of printable story pages and crafts.

God's Army Theme ( I and II Timothy)

These interactive lessons are based on I and II Timothy. Each Timothy Sunday school lesson includes printable illustrated story pictures, pictures to color, easy crafts for preschool children, and fun activities to keep children engaged and excited to learn! Activities include pretend play activities, action rhymes with hand motions and group activities, plus lots of art activities. To see summaries of the lesons and samples of the printable story pictures and craft pages, go to God's Army lesson page.

Good Samaritan Theme

This fun interactive Sunday School Lesson for preschool children is based on the Bible story, The Good Samaritan, and is told using the printable bible character stick puppets. Children interact with the teacher during the lesson and Circle Talk Time by placing "stickers" on the story pages. The activities children participate in during Circle Talk Time build compassion and empathy: They pretend they are the character in each scenario to get a feel for what that person would need. The key concept of the Golden Rule (Do unto others...) is woven into the lesson and Circle Talk Time. Go to the Good Samaritan theme to see samples of all of the printable pictures.

Jesus' Birth / Nativity Theme

This Nativity ThemeII has a series of 4 interactive lessons for both preschool (ages 4-5) and toddler (ages 2-3), fun easy crafts, illustrated story pictures, activities, rhymes with actions, and coloring pages! Crafts include a stand-up Bible characters so children can make their own Nativity scene, a booklet, two angel crafts, a printable Nativity set to copy onto sticker sheets or magnetic paper to make into Nativity stickers or magnets, Shepherds craft and many other Nativity coloring pages. See Nativity Theme to see samples of crafts and printable lesson pages.

Mother's Day Theme

The Mother's Day Fun Pack has a variety of craft projects and coloring pages for you to choose from. There are printable coloring pages, printable Mother's Day cards for children to make, and ideas for crafts to make with craft supplies. We include a very special Mother's Day memory / scrapbook for children to make, a special personal gift for mom to keep always. Go to the Mother's Day theme page to view samples of the printable craft pages, illustrated lesson pictures and coloring pages.

Noah's Ark Theme

The Noah's Ark series keeps children really engaged in their learning with all of the hands-on pretend-play activities they do during the lessons. The teacher discusses how it all applies to real life, which reinforces the key concepts learned during the lesson. There is a game or group activity for each lesson, as well as kid-friendly crafts and coloring pages. There are printable craft pages and coloring pages included with every lesson; and lots of extras in this theme including printable mini-posters, images that can be used for ironing on t-shirts, and illustrated pictures that can be used as bulletin board or room decorations. Go to the Noah's Ark Theme to see samples of all of the printable pages.

Palm Sunday Theme 1 - (Jesus' Rides into Jerusalem Printable Story Book to Color)

Palm Sunday Fun Pack 1 is full of Palm Sunday crafts. It contains an 8-page printable story/coloring book with rhyming verse; a donkey craft with branches, coats and Palm Sunday kid paper doll with palm branch, and a stand-up donkey craft, and more. See the thumbnail-size pictures on the Palm Sunday theme page.

Palm Sunday Theme 2 (With Lesson, crafts and activities)

The Palm Sunday Lesson is full of ways for the children to interact with the teacher, to help tell the story. During Circle Talk Time, the class discusses ways we can honor Jesus. The activities include two songs with hand motions, and a Pretend Play activity. Children will have a great time making large palm branches, a stand-up donkey and a stand-up Palm Sunday scene showing children waving palm branches. For more information and to view crafts, coloring pages and story illustrations go to theme page for the Palm Sunday 2 Theme.

Puppy Pals Theme - Friends Theme (Devotional-type lessons)

interactive Sunday School lessons about friends! Puppy Pals theme is all about Learning How to be a Friend in a Biblical Way. This Fun Pack has 6 Pre-K/K lessons, and the all the same lessons in a super-easy Toddler Version (3-minute lessons for 2- and 3-year-olds). The Toddler Version comes with printable storyboard pictures (easy & quick to make with contact paper and stick-on accessories) to make the story interactive & fun for the children! Go to Friends Theme to view samples of pictures and crafts.

Thankfulness Theme

Remember God is the fun, interactive Sunday school lesson about giving thanks, for the Thanksgiving theme. Children participate by helping the teacher to count all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for (and it is a lot!) that God has given us, both seen and unseen. Children love rhymes, and much of the lesson is in rhyming verse. There are hand motions and pretend play activities to keep the children engaged in learning, as well. The key concept is: God never forgets about us, and he wants us to remember him! Other activities include an action rhyme with hand motions, one for toddlers and one for ages 4-5; and two group activities. There are crafts and coloring pages that go specifically with the lesson, as well as many extra Thanksgiving crafts, including cards for the children to make. See Thanksgiving page for samples of crafts and lesson story pages.

General Preschool Themes
U.S.A. Patriotic / Flags Theme

Patriotic kids will enjoy the kid-friendly patriotic bears and bugs included in this theme. There are patriotic bear paper dolls, flag crafts, patriotic posters for kids, images to use as iron-on transfers to make great patriotic t-shirts for children, lots of printable patriotic "stickers". Other crafts include a napkin holder, Patriotic Bear Sew Card, Puppy with flag craft, Patriotic Teddy Bear Card, Stars and Stripes Wreath, and more! See crafts on the USA theme page.

ABC Theme (For English Alphabet)

Children learn the alphabet with our fun, engaging activity pages, worksheets, and crafts. The letter worksheet pages feature a teddy bear with each letter. Children learn to write the upper and lower letters on these worksheets. Preschool sound worksheets have six pictures that begin with each letter of the alphabet. These worksheets come with Christian rhymes on each alphabet page. Also included in this theme are ABC crafts and activities for learning the alphabet. See details of this theme on the ABC Fun Pack page.

Fun and Fitness Theme

This is just an extra mini-Fun Pack, with 10 printable pages for the theme Fun and Fitness. It includes coloring pages and three crafts. View all of the thumbnail-size of the printable pictures and craft pages on the Fun and Fitness theme page. Go to the Fun and Fitness theme page to view samples of all of the printable craft pages and coloring pages.


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