Armor of God Lessons (Skits), Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

7 Lessons Based on Ephesians 6:10-17

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"The kids really loved the lesson I did last week. And it really worked when I knew my son was telling me an untruth and I asked him if he was wearing his belt of truth. He said no, and did what I asked. Thanks so much!"more

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Free Armor of God crafts for children Free Armor of God skit and crafts for children
The Armor of God Fun Pack is just one of the special theme Fun Packs on the Bible Kids Fun Zone membership site. There are free lessons and crafts which you can use for your class (see below).

7 skits

14 crafts

8 color pages

8 games

2 illustrated color mini-posters

2 Ads with Tickles the Bear

1 b&w Flyer with Tickles

2-page b&w Invitation with Tickles

B&w sets of Armor of God bears for kids to color, then make the clothes into restickable stickers.
armor of God craft patterns
armor of God paper doll
Armor of God printable crafts
armor of God bear for armor of God play set
Color Sets of sets of Armor of God bears. Clothes can be made restickable stickers by using restickable glue sticks or Inkjet printer sheets.
Armor of God crafts for kids
armor of God crafts - armor of God play set
Printable armor of God stickers
Printable armor of God crafts
14 CRAFTS total

Print pictures of Me and Sticky Bear onto Iron-On Transfer Paper; iron us on Tote Bag or Tee Shirt! Its a really cool craft for the kids to make. They can add their own pictures or words with fabric paint!

Make These smaller pictures of us into magnets or large stickers just print on sticker paper or apply reusable sticker glue!
Use these small pictures of Sticky Bear to make snap-together buttons, or use as stickers - just print on sticker paper or apply reusable sticker glue!

armor of God poster for preschool children

Fun Pack Printable Tickles Iron-On

armor of God crafts for sunday school

Finished sample Sticky Bear Iron-On.

Armor of God crafts for kids - armor of God booklet

Armor of God craft - armor stickers and buttons

These can also be printed on sticky-back paper and used as stickers.

Black & white printable Paper Crafts: finished samples shown in color.
Insert My Belt
Flip Down My Helmet
Move My Arms to Use my Shield
armor of God belt craft
armor of God helmet craft

armof of God shield craft

Paste on My Foam Shoes
Fold The Tabs to Put on My Breastplate
Insert my Bible (& Sword)
armof of God shoes craft
armor of God breastplate craft
armor of God sword craft, armor of God word of God craft
COLORING PAGES for the lessons (devotional skit). At the end of the series, make the cover and last page and put them into a big book! Print another set to make into puzzles...we show you how.
armor of God belt of truth coloring page and craft
Armor of God breastplate of righteousness craft and coloring page for children
Armor of God shoes, good news of peace craft and coloring page
Armor of God shield of faith craft and coloring page for children
armor of God helmet of salvation craft, coloring page for kids
Armor of God sword word of God craft, coloring page

Armor of God coloring page for preschool  children


Armof of God crafts, armor of God booklet

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MINI POSTERS / FLYERS / ADS Bible Kids Fun Zone helps you promote and advertise your children's program with printable posters, ads and invitations. Kids can help color flyers and invitations of Tickles. The colorful posters and ads attract attention to your children's ministry program.

Armor of God poster for preschool sunday school classrooms


Armor of God poster for preschool classrooms


Armor of God illustration


Armor of God advertisement


Armor of God curriculum flyer


Armor of God program printable invitation


Armor of God printable invitation


Bible Memory Verse Cards



Just cut apart, write in the verse, color and glue onto index cards! 6 individual armor pages + Intro page and last page.

Armor of God craft - armor of God booklet for children to make

Finished sample of intro page.

Printable armor of God crafts for kids

Armor of God printables

This Theme has five printable armor of God skits to use as the lessons, in addition to the usual crafts, games and coloring pages.
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Free Armor of God Lessons, Skits, Coloring Pages and Armor of God Crafts for Children
Intro Lesson/Skit Sword Lesson Belt Lesson Breastplate Lesson
Breastplate Skit Helmet Lesson Shield Lesson Shoes Lesson
Free Armor of God Crafts    
"Thank you. I like the program. I used the intro lesson Wed. night. My little girl is still talking about her armor and Tickles. They all got a chance to tickle him"... more.
Free Armor of God Intro Lesson/Skit - I Can Win the Fight Against Sin Because I Belong to God!
This is an intro to the Armor Fun Pack - a 6-part series on the Armor of God. These lessons break down the passage into small 'bites' to help children 'digest' it. Sticky Bear and Tickles are the stars of the skit, and talk about one piece of armor each day (6 in all). In the Fun Pack, we tell you how to make them into puppets with Stick-On armor. Printable crafts and coloring sheets, and activities are provided to go with each day's Bible lesson (skit) to help make learning fun, and keep kids interested. We also provide printable mini-posters, ads and invitations that the kids can make themselves. This Fun Pack will adapt well to home school, summer school, VBS, Children's Church or Sunday School.

Mark you bible with the key Bible verse before beginning lesson:

1 John 4:4

Sample of coloring page for Armor of God lesson: Bear dressed in Armor of God that says, Now I'm ready for the fight against sin.
1 - Tickles Bear, 2 - Sticky Bear, 3 - Narrator
NARRATOR Tickles Bear and Sticky Bear were skipping along, on their way to the playground one sunny day. All of a sudden Sticky Bear stopped. He had a puzzled look on his face.
Sticky Bear Wait a minute...
NARRATOR Sticky Bear had seen a picture of a little red devil with horns that morning, and was thinking about it
Sticky Bear Tickles... Is the devil really a little red guy with horns and a tail?
Tickles No...(hee hee)....the devil doesn't really look like that. That's just a picture somebody made up. I don't really know what he looks like. But I do know some things about him. The devil is the one who is trying to make us not believe in Jesus. The devil tells lies to make people sad. He is the one who tempts us to do wrong. He even tries to lead us to do wrong things to take away our joy.
Sticky Bear
(fearful) Oh...then I-I-I don't think I want to be friends with him.
Tickles Yeah... me neither, And, do you know what else? He is the one who tries to make people believe things that are not true, and things that hurt us. The devil says things that are opposite of what God tells us in His Word - which is the Bible. So we know that the devil lies, because we know that everything in the Bible is true. I guess you could sum it up by saying there is nothing good about him
Sticky Bear Oh, wow!...I'm going to stay far away from him then!
Tickles Well, yeah, you can try, but sometimes he finds you, and you can't really get away from him.
Sticky Bear Oh no!...He sounds scary!
Tickles But, we don't have to be afraid of him. God is there to help you fight against him
Sticky Bear Oh yeah...what do you mean?
Tickles God helps us when the devil tries to tempt us to sin. (Read 1 John 4:4) 'That means, that if you are a follower of Jesus, God's Spirit is in you and gives you the power to stand against the devil. God's Spirit lives in us, and gives us the strength to say "no" when the devil tries to get us to do something wrong; or when the devil tries to tell us something different than what is in the Bible. God gives us the power to say "no...that is not true, what the Bible says is true.
Sticky Bear Oh, I see...that makes me feel better. So, that means I don't have to fight all alone. God is on my side, and since God is the most powerful one, when I rely on God - I can win! And when I rely on God, He protects me against all the wrong things in my life...the things that make me feel guilty
Tickles Yes, that's right Sticky got it. God is more powerful than anyone or anything. And, when you belong to Him, and you are relying on him, the devil doesn't do. God knows the devil wants to cause trouble for you and make you do wrong things. But, God loves you so much that He is there for you, and helps you stand strong against sin and against the devil.
Sticky Bear So, what do we do when the devil tries to get us to do something wrong?
Tickles Well, you can start off by praying. Pray for strength. Pray to stand strong against the devil. Pray for your friends and family and church. Pray even more when you feel weak. Pray for each other, that you may all have the courage to tell others about Jesus.You know what? I think we learned enough for today. Let's meet back here again next week. I'll tell you all about the things that God gives us to help us win the fight against sin!
Sticky Bear I would like that a lot. Ok...I'll be back next week to learn more.
Sticky Bear & Tickles Together AMEN! Win against sin! Hooray!

Sample Prayer: This is just an example. Please allow the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer. Dear God, I praise you for being more powerful than anyone or anything. Thank you for loving me so much that you help me be strong. Thank you that you have won the fight over the devil, and that I can win too when I rely on you. Help me to always remember to call on you for help because I know can't win on my own. I need your help. Thank you for always being right there to help me whenever I call on you. In Jesus' name, Amen

Below are some samples of crafts and coloring pages in the Armor of God theme:

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Sample ofArmor of God Bear Iron-On Craft

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Free Armor of God Crafts and Activities for Preschool Children
Free Armor of God Booklet Craft
Armor of God book p.1 Directions: Print all craft pages. Copy Page 1 on the back of Page 2, and page 3 on the back of pag 4. Craft: Color both sides of both craft pages. Cut along all of the horizontal line of both pages. Use the blank pages on pages 3-4 to draw your own pictures, put stickers, or write another bible verse. Arrange pages to go in order. (The bear page that says, "My Armor of God Book" is the cover. The bear with no armor is page 0). Fold on the vertical lines. Add the blank page at the end and beginning. Staple in the center by opening all pages and laying book flat. Refold to close book.
Armor of God book p.2
Armor of God book p. 3
Armor of God book p. 4
Crayons, markers
Scissors (for teacher only)
Stickers (optional)
Armor of God Bear Free Coloring Pages
Armor of God coloring page

Armor of God bear coloring page

Directions: Print and make copies of coloring page.


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