Sunday school lessons about Friends and sharing, Bible crafts about Friends and Sharing

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Two puppies sharing, picture to color for lesson about friends

The Puppy Pals Fun Pack is just one of the themes included in the Bible Kids Fun Zone membership site!

Puppy Pals Fun Pack is all about "FRIENDS"! This Fun Pack has 6 Pre-K / K lessons, and the all the same lessons in a super-easy Toddler Version (3-minute lessons for 2- and 3-year-olds). The Toddler Version comes with printable storyboard pictures (easy & quick to make with contact paper and stick-on accessories) to make the story interactive & fun for the children! (Of course, you can use these for either group of children). The storyboard and restickable pictures can also be used as a Play Set after the lesson. These special lessons and crafts are perfect for 6-week course for toddlers, pre-K, and kindergarten! There are 6 lessons. The 6th lesson can be an introductory lesson to get the children excited about it.

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Free sample lesson with the crafts and color pages to go with it. When you order the Puppy Pals Fun Pack, you will have access to the poster, iron-on transfer image and storyboards for this lesson also.

Like all Fun Packs, this is an online printable resource. Within two days of receiving your order, you will be sent the username and password. This gives you access to the Puppy Pals Web page with all the printable crafts, color pages, mini-posters, iron-on transfer images, sticker images, and storyboard images for a whole year!These are reproducible lessons and pictures for you to print off as many copies as you want for your class, sunday school class, homeschool or family. You will have access for a whole year! Come back to print as often as you'd like during that year.

The Puppy Pals Fun Pack theme is "Friends"

Each lesson comes with its own activities: Printable crafts, color pages, printable pictures to make storyboards for use during the story (lesson), printable sticker, mini-poster, and iron-on transfer.

Good Friends Share Friends Can Comfort Each Other
Good Friends are Kind Good Friends Care For Each Other
Good friends Help Each Other Good Friends Stick-Together

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What's in Puppy Pals (Friends) Theme:
Coloring Pages

Puppy Pals Crafts

Use restickable glue so you can dress us over and over!

We're friends that really "stick together" (Stickable velcro used on hands) because good friends stick together.

I'm giving my friend a Kleenex

I hold a Kleenex

A special "Friends" booklet

Balls of rolled-up tissue paper make this craft fun and easy!

Fun and easy Pop-Up card!

Cut these pictures to make a "What are Friends For" booklet!

I'm a photo frame to honor my friends!

We hug when you fold us!

finished Sample

I hold a heart, sit up, and my arms and ears move!

This card holder holds cards from friends in a pocket!

Build your own snowman! This comes in color too.

Decorate your classroom with printable mini-posters. Make T-shirts or tote bags for extra crafts. Use sticker pages for your own crafts or give as take-home gifts. Each of these images come in color. You get a mini-poster For each lesson, as well as a reversed image of each picture that can be made into iron-on transfers for tee shirts, sweat shirts and tote bags! The sticker images can be printed on "sticker sheets" for inkjet printers.

Storyboard images for each lesson with stick-on pictures to make lessons interactive. Toddlers can also use these pictures as a Play Set after the lesson and stick on the pictures themselves!

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