Armor of God Lesson for Preschool Children - Shoes of the Good News of Peace

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God Gives Me Peace (Shoes of the Good News of Peace )

Mark your Bible with the Key Bible Verse and read before the lesson: Ephesians 6:15

Bear with armor of God on - Shoes

Tickles the Bear and Sticky Bear meet up again at the park to talk about another piece of armor that God gives us to fight sin with. Sticky Bear ran up to meet Tickles. All that he was wearing was his belt and breastplate. "Hi Tickles! I'm back to see what other armor God has for us. I need lots of gear to fight sin with...that's for sure. So far, all I have is my belt and breastplate...That's not enough, is it?"

Tickles answered him, "No, Sticky Bear. You're right. You need a lot more armor than that."

Sticky Bear showed Tickles his shoes that he brought. They were little white and blue sneakers with a protective strip, and flashing lights on the side. They also had a little air pump cushion in the bottom of the shoes. "Well, I thought I might need some I brought these!"

Tickles looked surprised, "Shoes!... You are very smart Sticky Bear. You DO need shoes! What type of shoes do you think you need?"

Sticky Bear thought a minute, then he answered, "Well, I like the comfy kind that have the little air cushion that pumps up when you bounce in them." He point to air cushion.

Tickles asked, "What else?"

Sticky Bear thought some more and added, "I also like the kind with the protective strip. Its reflects light so people can see you at night. It protects you because if people didn't see you they might bump into you and hurt you."

Tickles answered, "Yeah, Sticky bear...that makes sense. What else do you want your shoes to do for you?"

Sticky Bear added, "Well, I like the latest know...the cool colors and sometimes they even have flashing lights or a cute character on them. I like them to attract attention. That's all I want."

Tickles replied, 'Oh I see...Are you sure that's all?"

Sticky Bear thought a little more and said, "Well...actually... they gotta fit right too. If they don't fit right, they don't FEEL right. I need them to feel comfy on my feet.."

Tickles was getting a little flustered, "Ok...are you totally sure that is all you want?"

Sticky Bear started laughing by this time, "Well, actually, no...(hee hee). I also want them to have a hard sole too, so I can stomp on things"

" that all? Sticky Bear?", Tickles asked one more time.

"Hm-m-m-m...yeah...I guess so. That's all I want." Sticky Bear replied.

Tickles brightened up, " Well...believe it or not...God does give you shoes like that!"

Sticky Bear looked puzzled, " What do you mean, Tickles?"

"Well, Tickles answered, "The peace that God gives us when we are right with him gives us extra sort of pumps us up and makes us want to share that peace with others...just like the little comfy air cushion in your sneakers"

Sticky Bear looked surprised, "Oh..yeah...I guess you are right! Tell me more..."

Tickles kept going, "Well, the protective strip is like God's peace that protects you too. Because when you have God's peace, no matter what happens all around you, nobody can take away your peace. And it helps you get through the tough times, because you know God is your friend. He is there with you, you can trust his promises, and he will bring you through every hard time that you go through."

Sticky Bear nodded, "Yeah...I see what you mean now. God did give me his peace now that I'm right with him, and you're right...nobody can take it away. What about the flashing lights...what does that mean?"

Tickles had an answer for that too, "Well, when you have God's peace...people are attracted to that...They might look at you kinda funny...but still they find it attractive."

Sticky Bear laughed, "Hee hee, Yeah, Tickles! Now I see how that works. What about the hard soles?"

Tickles knew just what to say, "The hard soles are so we can stomp out the fear. We don't have to be afraid to share the Good News about how Jesus gives peace. God will help us, and He will give us the words to say."

"You mean if I ask him, He will help me tell others about Jesus?, Sticky Bear asked.

Tickles replied, "Yes, that's right. He will give you the strength. He will help you know what to say. And, He will even show you who to talk to."

Sticky Bear was so excited, "Oh, COOL! I need all the help I can get!"

Tickles had one more thing to add, Alright Sticky Bear, don't let the devil hold you back from telling others the Good News about Jesus. Remember to put on your Shoes of Peace. God will give you the courage and strength. Then you can win the fight against the devil!"

Right then Sticky Bear put on his shoes and started jumping up and down, "ALRIGHT!... Now I have my shoes on. Now I can stomp out the fear that the devil tries to use to hold me back. Now I'm ready to share the Good News about Jesus...the good news that He came to make peace with you and me! I really like my new shoes! I want to pray and thank God for my new shoes now"


So, lets everybody pray together and thank God for our new shoes.

© copyright Virginia Sigle /

Sample Prayer: (This is only a sample. Please let the Holy Spirit guide you). Dear God, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to make peace with all people. Thank you for the peace you give me. Please help me not be afraid. Please help me be ready to share the Good News about Jesus with others. Give me the strength and help me know what to say. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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