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Lesson Samples from new Lessons on Bible Kids Fun Zone

View some snippets of the lessons on Bible Kids Fun Zone Sunday school curriculum to get an idea of what our new lessons are like. Click the link to go to the large printable page. You will need the printable pictures to actually do the lesson in the classroom (provided with the membership when you order) since our lessons are very interactive, using the pictures, craft samples as visual aids for teaching and fun activities to help kids participate in their learning.

Most of he lessons are a scripture-based bible story re-told in kid language so that the very youngest learners will get the concepts. A few of the lessons are stories based on Bible concepts (Such as Puppy Pals lessons about friends), or skits that explain more challenging Bible concepts in a kid-friendly way (Armor of God skits for each piece of armor). During the Sunday school lesson, children are encouraged to participate by "helping" the teacher tell the Bible story with such activities as finding a character on the picture, placing stickers on the picture, making sound effects or hand motions for the rhymes, or pretending to be right there with the main character in the Bible story, and, and other fun activities that help make the lesson come alive for the children.

The Bible lesson also typically includes:

Printable color-illustrated pictures to use as visual aids.

Activities such as pretend play, rhymes with hand motions (finger plays),

Printable Bible Crafts such as stick puppets, peek-a-boo lift-the-flap crafts, pop-up crafts.

Small and/or large group activity ideas to reinforce important lesson Bible concepts

Fun snack ideas that tie in to the Bible story

Printable coloring pages for the Bible story

Some use stick puppets (patterns provided) that "asks" questions children might ask, to explain the Bible concepts in a way even the youngest preschoolers can understand.

The best way to see if our lessons are a good fit for your class is to take a peek at the free lesson samples and see for yourself. Click on the link to the lesson in each snippet below to go to the printable lesson. Not all of the lessons are in the new pdf file format yet, but they still pack the same punch of fun for the kids.

Snippets from Lessons from the Bible Kids Fun Zone Membership Website

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

(The Original Sin, or The Fall of Mankind)

Creation Lessons

Day 5 of Creation


Lesson Snippet: Adam and Eve Enjoyed All God Made; Adam and Eve Disobeyed
.... (Point to snake. Then pull snake closer to Eve). Hey, what's this slimy thing? (Let children answer). Yikes! That's a snake! Did you know that the snake was really the Devil? Our Bible tells us that. That ol' snake slithered right up to Eve. Let's see what he said to her. (Read Genesis 3:1. Let children repeat the rhyme with you). Eve answered, “God said, “I have given you many fruit trees. You may eat from any of these; But not the one in the middle please!” He said we shouldn't even touch it, or we will die.” Click on the links below to go to the full printable lesson.
Preschool printable page for the Adam and Eve Sunday school lesson (for prek-K, ages 4-5) Toddler printable page for the Adam and Eve Sunday school lesson (for ages 2-3)
Free Preschool activities to go with Adam and Eve lesson (pre-K, ages 4-5) Free Toddler activities to go with Adam and Eve lesson (ages 2-3)
Free printable craft pages from the lesson: Adam and Eve Enjoyed All God Made; Adam and Eve Disobeyed

Day 5 of Creation - God Made the Birds and the Fish in the Sea. He Made the World For You and Me.

Bible Crafts

Often kids learn and retain more with hands-on types of learning: activities, crafts, songs, pretend play activities, etc. When kids are engaged in their learning it keeps their attention and they get to contribute to their peers' learning as well. Bible Kids Fun Zone loves to help kids be creative and be engaged in their learning with Bible crafts and activities. We use kid-friendly pictures to go with our Bible lessons to help make the Bible concepts on their level. When us baby boomers were growing up, flannel-graph Bible stories were great. They still are. But now we have other ways of telling Bible stories. Try some of our crafts that help preschool-aged children learn Bible stories.

Bible Kids Fun Zone wants to share some of our fun printable Bible crafts with you, so we put all the links to the free crafts on one page to make it easy for you to locate them. You can also get lots of ideas for making your own Bible crafts for your children by browsing our themes. If you don't have the time or creative inclination to design your own crafts, we have done it for you. Our inexpensive Sunday school crafts and activities make it easy for you to prepare your lesson, craft and activities for preschoolers in a snap! You just log on, go to the Bible story you are teaching, print and make copies of the pages. They are quick to put together to make samples for the children. Use the samples to teach your lesson. Then the children will have a great time making one of their own to show off to their parents. And most importantly, you will be introducing important Bible concepts in exciting ways to the very youngest children in a way they understand. Read our customer comments to see what others are saying about our crafts and activities.

The Bible Crafts are listed by Bible Story below:
Crafts for Bible Stories Beginning with A - F Crafts for Bible Stories Beginning with G - Z

Armor of God - Free booklet craft

Garden of Eden - Free crafts

Free printable Creation crafts

Thankfulness - Free crafts and coloring pages

Free crafts Father's Day - free printable crafts

Timothy - Free printable Bible crafts

Friends - Free Puppy Pals stickers craft

Links to More Bible Coloring Pages:
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Free Bible coloring pages (cartoon-like characters) and Bible craft downloads. Sunday School Fun Zone - One of our sister sites has lots of free Bible crafts to print, especially for age 2-3.
Fun free 3D Bible story crafts for Sunday school or just for your family. Links to Bible crafts and activities, as well as lessons, categorized by Bible story.

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