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Praises, Warnings, and Promises to the Seven Churches

The key words from Revelation 2-3 are organized, put together in an outline, with some parts explained in a simple way, with links to scriptures. I believe the warnings, rebukes, promises are for all Christians, and that the seven churches are some of the types of churches that are still around today.

Free Bible Study Download in Chart form - Revelation 2-3 Chart - Praises, Rebukes, warnings and Promises of Jesus to the Seven Churches of Asia

1. Church at Epheses

Revelation 2 :1-7


Your good deeds, hard work.

You persevered, endured hardship.

You didn't get weary.

You didn't tolerate wicked. Test false teachers.

You hate what I hate.



You have forsaken your first love. (Love for me?)

You've fallen from the place where you were. (Close to me?)




Do the things you did at the beginning!

If you don't, I'll remove your lamp stand [We see that the lampstands stand for the churches in Revelation 1:20 ].

Listen to the Spirit!


Promise for Those Who are Victorious

To those who are victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life! (Given eternal life in paradise with God and Jesus)



2. Church at Smyrna

Revelation 2:8-11


You've suffered afflictions for my name.

You've been in poverty.

You suffer slander (Christian persecution.)



Be encouraged, you are actually rich!

Don't be afraid of what you're about to suffer for me!



There is more persecution coming!

Some of you will be martyred for my sake.

Some will be put in prison, or persecuted.

Be faithful, even to the point of death.



To Those who are victorious:

I will give you life! Those who overcome won't be hurt at all by the 2nd death!

(You'll be given new life!)


3. Church at Pergamum

Revelation 2:12-17


You remain true to me.

In the days of Christian persecution and martyrs, you didn't renounce your faith in me.



Some hold to false teaching, doctrine, practices

or are sexually immoral.



Repent! Otherwise, I will soon come and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth (God's word?).



To Those Who are Victorious I will give:

Hidden manna - the food of the angels!

A white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it! (Special treatment)


4. Church at Thyatira

Revelation 2:18-29


Your love

Your good deeds

Your faith

Your service

Your perseverence



You tolerate false prophets.

Some are sexually immoral.

Some of you eat food sacrificed to idols.



Repent! Those who don't repent will suffer intensely too!

Hold onto what you have.

I repay each according to their deeds.



For Those Who Overcome and Those Who Do My Will to the End:

You'll be given authority over the nations!

And be given the morning star!


5. Church at Sardis

Revelation 3:1-6


Your good deeds

Some have not soiled their clothes.



You are dead!

Your deeds are not finished!



Wake up!

Strengthen what is left.

Hold tightly onto what you have received!


But if you don't wake up, I'll come like a thief, and you won't know the time!


Promise for Those Who are Victorious

You'll be dressed in white, and walk with me! (Shame taken away. Counted worthy b/c they trusted in the Lamb).

Their names will never be blotted from the book of life!

(Is that like a family album, because we've been adopted into God's family?)

I will acknowledge them before my Father and the angels!


6. Church at Philadelphia

Revelation 3:7-13


I know you're weak, but still kept my word.

You haven't denied me.

You've endured patiently.



Your enemies will acknowledge my love for you.



I'm coming soon!

Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown (honor?).


Promise for Those Who are Victorious

I'll keep you from the hour of trials coming on the whole earth!

You'll get a new name with my mark: My ID says you're my child.

You'll get a new permanent address in the New City of God,and live forever in my Father's temple!


7. Church at Laodecia

Revelation 3:14-22


None. You don't see your need for me.



You're not hot or cold, only lukewarm.

You're (spiritually) a mess, (spiritually) poor, (spiritually) blind, (spiritually) naked.



I discipline those who love. Accept my discipline so you can be purified in the fire.

Repent! Be earnest!

I'm knocking! Open the door!



If you will open the door (of your heart) to me, you can fellowship with me forever!

(Fellowship with God, Jesus and the Spirit is better than riches!)

For Those who are victorious: You'll be given the right to sit with me on my throne!


Free Bible Study Download in Chart form - Revelation 2-3 Chart - Praises, Rebukes, warnings and Promises of Jesus to the Seven Churches of Asia


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