PRESCHOOL Lesson for Day 5 of Creation

God Made the Birds, and Fish in the Sea; He Made the World for You and Me!

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Thumbnail of printable fish stickers for Day 5 Creation Lesson - Shark, whale, octopus, stingray.

Supplies Needed For Lesson: Bible with verses marked; Story pages; Creation Pocket Chart from Week 4; Ocean Background with Fish stickers, Bird Poster and stickers or Booklet; Fish Poster and stickers.

Concepts Children Learn:
God made the birds and the fish on Day 5.
We can see a little of how wise God is when we learn about all the amazing birds and fish he made!
God is so wise that he put fish in families. He put us in families too.

Prep: See Craft page for instructions for all crafts/stickers. Make all the large fish and birds pictures into restickable "stickers" according to instructions on the Craft page. You will need one large poster board for each. If you want a background for the Fish Poster, draw some waves, sand and coral on the ocean floor. For the Bird Poster, draw some grass, the sky and 1-2 trees. Tip: To save on color inks, use bw stickers and have teens help you color them. Write on the top of the posters, "Look at all the fish (or birds) that God made! He is so wise"! Story Pages: Print the b&w story pages and color them, or print color story pages. Make up a sample of each craft (See left column). The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to use while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Key Verse: Psalm 104:24. Verses used in lesson: Genesis 1:20; Psalm 104:24-25. Verses used as reference: Proverbs 3:19; Rev. 4:11.

LESSON 5: God Made the Birds and Fish!

(Pocket Chart activity) (Place pictures from Creation Day 1- 5 on table). We've been learning about all the wonderful things that God made! Let's play the game we played last week. Who remembers what God made first? (Let child choose picture). Very good. Let's put it in the pocket that says Day 1. (Let child put picture of light in Day 1 pocket). Who sees something that God made on Day 2? (Let children find cloud pictures and put them in Day 2 pocket). Yes. God made the sky. Let's put the clouds in the pocket. Wow! You're doing great. Let's keep going. Who remembers what God made on Day 3? Let's put them in the pocket for Day 3. (Let children find flowers, plants and put them in pocket). Excellent. Who can find something God made on Day 4? (Let children put the sun, moon and stars in the Day 4 pocket). Yes! Let's put them in the Day 4 pocket. Now let's read the Bible to see what God made on Day 5. (Read Genesis 1:20). Who can tell me what God made on Day 5? Very good. God made the fish and birds on Day 5. Let's put them in the pocket for Day 5. Can you find them? (Let children put pictures in Day 5 pocket).(Continue on with Day 6 if each child has not had a turn). Let's talk about the fish and birds that God made on Day 5. There are so many different kinds! And God made them all!

(Use the Ocean/Fish Stickers Craft, Point to fish as you talk about each one). (Use Bird poster and stickers. Let children add bird stickers to the poster ss you talk about each one).
Have you ever been to an aquarium down in the ocean? Look what else God made on the fifth day!
There's lots of things swimming, and lots of motion! He made all kinds of birds -- a beautiful array!
As you walk through, here's what might be there. There is one that's mostly one color -- Its bright blue. (Let child add Blue Jay sticker).
Fish shaped like circles, or like squares! (Point to the blue fish and the polka dot fish). Some birds are many colors like the birds at the zoo! (Let child add one of the colorful birds).
Look at this scary one! Yes, it's a shark! (Point to shark). Humming birds have long beak, that are very narrow. (Let child add Hummingbird sticker).
I wouldn't want to be by him alone in the dark! Some have stubby legs, just like the sparrow. (Let child add Sparrow sticker).
Look over here. This one's lanky and long. (Point to long, striped fish). This bird is an Emu. It buries its eggs in the sand. (Let child add Emu sticker).
Over here is a big whale. It looks so strong! Some birds are so tame they'd eat out of your hand.
This fish is happy. His name is Grubby. (Point to yellow striped fish). Have you ever heard birds very early in the morning?
I like this one. It's active and bubbly! (Point to any). They wake you up without any warning! --- Squawk!
This one's different - it's shaped like a star! (Point to star fish). Some say "chirp, chirp", and some say "tweet tweet"!
The long one is so bright you see it from afar! (Point to long fish). Some say "hoot hoot", and some say "squeak squeak". (Let children add other bird stickers).
So many different fish -- God made each one! How did God make all of these beautiful birds?
Learning about them all is so much fun! Our bible tells us he just spoke the words!

Let's see what else our Bible says about how God made the birds and the fish. (Read Psalm 104:24-25). Our Bible tells us that God was so wise! That's how he made all those different birds and fish. Let's learn some fun facts about fish and birds, and it will help us know how truly wise God is. (Fish Poster and stickers). Did you know that there are over 25,000 different kinds of fish! God was so wise that he knew how to make each kind special! Did you know that some fish have sort of built-in radar? They just know which way to go, so they don't get lost! God knew how to make them like that. God made fish of all shapes and sizes. Did you know that a baby blue whale weighs 50 tons when its born? (Let children find and place Blue Whale sticker). That's a big baby, isn't it? The Pacific Giant Octopus is only the size of a pea when its born. (Hold up two fingers close together. Let children find and place octopus sticker). But by the time its two years old, it can be 30 feet wide! That's about the size of this room! (or twice the size, etc.) A Giant Squid can weigh 2,000 pounds, and each of their eyes is 10 inches wide! (Hold your hands about 10 inches apart. Let children find and place squid sticker). That's a big eye, isn't it! Who can find the shark for me? (Let children find and place shark sticker). Did you know that if a shark comes by and bites off this little Star Fish's leg... Chomp! it will grow back! (Rip off Star Fish's leg, place sticker on poster, then re-attach leg). God was so wise that he knew how to make it so the Star Fish could grow new arms and legs! And isn't it amazing how fish can live under water? God is so wise, he knew how to make them so they could breathe under water! Who didn't get a turn? Let's add the other stickers to our poster. (Let children who didn't get a turn finish placing stickers on poster). Wow! Look at the poster we made! What great helpers I have!

(Bird poster or booklet) (Show the correct page as you talk about each one). Let's talk about the birds some more. Did you know that God made over 10,000 different kinds of birds? Wow! That's how wise God is! God made very little birds and very big birds. The smallest bird is a Hummingbird. Its just a little more than 2 inches! (Hold your fingers apart 2"). Those little birds can also fly forwards, backwards (Make forwards and backwards motion with bird in your hand), upside down (Hold sticker upside down) and in loop-de-loops! (Make loop motions with sticker.) They can also stay in one place in mid air by flapping their wings real fast! God was so wise that he knew how to make them so they could do that! (Show the children how to stick the bird on the poster upside down). The biggest birds are the Ostrich and Emu. (Let child stick emu sticker on poster). They can be up to 9 feet tall and weigh 345 pounds! And those great big birds, with their great big bodies, and skinny little legs can run 30 mph on the land! Isn't that amazing! God is so wise! The Ostrich's 2" eyes are bigger than its brain! I'm sure glad God made our brains bigger than that! These silly birds will eat anything in sight, like tin cans, or even garbage! Did you know that ducks have thousands of feathers? (Let child add duck sticker). God is so wise! He knew ducks needed all those feathers to stay warm and dry in the cold water. Who didn't get a turn to put a sticker on the poster? Let's add the rest. (Let children add remaining stickers). Thank you all for being such great helpers!

Transition: Let's have snack now, and we'll talk some more later.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

We learned that God made the fish and the birds. But God didn't just make them look pretty then put them in the sky to fly or the ocean to swim. God was so wise that he made them in a certain way to help them live. (Hold up bird poster). Did you know that birds can talk to each other with the different sounds they make and songs they sing? God was so wise he gave them a language all their own! When they chirp and squawk do you know what they are saying to each other? (Let children answer). We can guess, but we don't really know. But God knows, because he made them, and he is wise. (Hold up fish poster.) Some fish can ctalk to each other too. Some fish talk through making sounds. Other fish move a certain way or change their color. (Fish family) The baby fish learn how to talk to each other from their parents. When the parents change color or move a certain way, the baby fish learn what it means so they can obey their parents and be safe. God knew fish needed to talk to each other to keep their families together, find food and keep them safe. God was so wise he knew how to help the fish families do all that!

(Family) We also see how wise God is when he puts us in families. He gives us people to take care of us, and to make sure we have food and clothing. And God helps us obey our parents so we can be safe. Let's thank God for being so wise, and for putting us in a family to take care of us!

Transition: Let's pray now. Let's all close our eyes so we can focus on God. I'll say a prayer first. Then, if anyone wants to pray after me, you can take turns praying. (If children are having trouble waiting their turn, you can have them raise their hand and wait to be called on).
Prayer Sample (This is just an example of what you could say. Listen to the Holy Spirit and say the words he gives you).
Dear God, When we see all the amazing birds and fish you made, we see a little of how wise you are. We like to learn about everything you made. Thank you for putting us in families and for giving us people to take care of us. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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