Huggy Lamb's Good Shepherd Devotion For Young Children (Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten)

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Devotion: Huggy Lamb and His Good Shepherd

Bible Verse: Psalm 100:3 Know that Yahweh, he is God. It is he who has made us, and we are his. We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. WEB The World English Bible is a public domain translation.

Other reference verses for this devotion: John 10:11-17

One day, Huggy-Lamb was playing a game of tag with his fuzzy lamb friends. Well, after they had been playing for a little while, a beautiful little butterfly caught his attention. He ran over to get a closer look. What beautiful colors! As soon as he caught up with the colorful little creature, it flew away! So, off Huggy-Lamb went to chase after him. Down the path and across the brook they went. What fun it was chasing such a pretty little butterfly thought Huggy-Lamb. Soon they went over the hill and took off on a different path. On the way, Huggy-Lamb met a new friend. His name was Chuckles the Woodchuck. He lived in a tree stump. Chuckles asked Huggy-Lamb if he wanted to play Hide-N-Seek. "Sure", said Huggy-Lamb. So, Huggy-Lamb went to hide. As he went running off to find a hiding place, he stepped in a big hole and took a bad fall. "Ouch!" My ankle hurts! I think I twisted it!" cried Huggy-Lamb. His new friend Chuckles came running over to see what was wrong. Chuckles said, "I should take you home so your shepherd can care for you. Where do you live?"

Huggy-Lamb scratched my head and thought for a minute. Then he said, "I live far away on a nice pasture with all the other sheep, but I don't know which way it is. I was having so much fun chasing after the little butterfly that I got lost." Now it was starting to get dark, and air was feeling colder. Huggy-Lamb's ankle start to hurt even worse! He was miserable. He started to cry. "I just wanted to be back home with my good shepherd" cried Huggy-Lamb, Ba-a-a-a-a Baa-a-a-a". Louder and louder he cried, hoping his good shepherd would hear him.

"Look! Someone is coming!" said Chuckles. As Huggy-Lamb looked up, he squinted to see someone off in the distance, running towards them. It was his shepherd! What a relief! Now everything would be fine. He would take care of Huggy-Lamb, just as he always had done. His good shepherd always took good care of him. He always fed the sheep, and led them on the right path. He protected them from dangerous animals like bears and wolves. He counted them every day to make sure no one was lost. Now his shepherd had come looking for Huggy-Lamb because he knew Huggy-Lamb was missing.

Finally his shepherd caught up to them. "There you are, Huggy-Lamb!" said the good shepherd smiling brightly. "I was looking all over for you. When I counted all my sheep and called them all by name, you were missing! So I came looking for you. I love you so much! I missed you and wanted to make sure that you were ok!"

"Well, I'm really glad to see you..because I'm lost!" muttered Huggy-Lamb, "And besides, I hurt my ankle. Ba-a-a-a. It hurts a lot!"

"Don't cry, said the good shepherd, as he picked up Huggy-Lamb to hold him tight. We'll bandage it up, and it will be better in no time! Huggy-Lamb and his shepherd waved bye-bye to Chuckles as they turned to go home. "I'll say a prayer for your ankle", said Chuckles. "Thanks, Chuckles, " replied Huggy-Lamb.

Huggy-Lamb felt safe in his shepherd's arms. Now he was secure. Everything would be fine again. His shepherd took him home and fed him, and put a nice, big, soft, bandage on his little ankle. Well, said Huggy-Lamb, "I sure learned a good lesson today. I learned that I should never wander off because I need my good shepherd. I know how much you love me and care for me. I learned that I'll be safe if I stay close by you, and follow you. That way, I won't get lost or hurt. Huggy-Lamb hugged his shepherd and said, "Thank you for loving me and taking care of me...I love you." The good shepherd hugged him back and said, "I love you too Huggy-Lamb...more than you know! I will always take care of you - -that's a promise!".

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