Bible Kids Fun Zone Preschool Sunday School Lesson / Devotion - God Made The Seasons! (Fall)

Devotion - God Made The Seasons!

Hi! Its me...Scrunchy Squirrel. I got my name because I always scrunch up my nose when I laugh. My mom says its cute, so I don't mind my her calling me Scrunchy. I have a story to tell you about me and my brother Squeaky Squirrel.

Bible Verse:

Mark your Bible with the Bible Memory Verse, and read before the lesson: Daniel 2:21a

God Made the Seasons!

Scrunchy and Squeaky were little squirrels that lived in the big forest. One day Scrunchy Squirrel went outside for a walk. Br-r-r-r-! It was cold. "When did it turn so cold, he asked himself?" After a couple more minutes of shivering, he ran back to his house in the tree to get a jacket on. Then he started off on his walk again. This time he was much warmer. Then he looked up and noticed the leaves on the tree were bright colors...they were orange and yellow and green. Some were even brown and they were falling off the trees, floating to the ground. And, where were all the summer flowers, he wondered? They were all gone! Then he got it. He realized that all these changes in the weather and the trees meant that it was fall. Then Scrunchy started worrying, "Uh-Oh...its already fall, and I haven't even started storing up food for the winter yet!" I've been so busy, I didn't even notice the change in seasons!" Scrunchy was afraid because he didn't think he would have enough time to gather nuts and acorns to eat for the long winter ahead.

So, he began running around looking behind every tree and every bush for food. Nuts, acorns, seeds...anything munchy would do. He grabbed as much food as he could carry and ran back home with it and dumped it in a big pile in his house. Then he went back out to gather more food...and ran back home to dump it..again and again he did this. Back and forth, back and forth. He was working so hard he was making himself dizzy. But he kept going, thinking, "hurry, hurry... I must find food for winter...I must find food before winter comes..He worked like this for hours and hour.

Meanwhile, Scrunchy's brother, Squeaky Squirrel, was outside playing in a big pile of leaves. He decided he was hungry and went home for lunch. . All that running and jumping made him hungry. When Squeaky got home he couldn't believe what he saw! He saw the huge pile of food that his brother Scrunchy had gathered. He saw Scrunchy rushing around and said, "Wow! Scrunchy, what are you doing rushing around like that? Why is this big pile of food in our house?" With a worried look on his face, Scrunchy squealed"Hurry, hurry! Its fall! the snow will soon be falling! There's not much time to gather food for the winter!" Squeaky giggled out loud, "Oh Scrunchy, you're silly...don't you know you don't have to rush around? God changes the seasons at the right time. And he is in control. He always gives both of us enough food, and a warm home to stay in. There's no need to rush around and get yourself all upset. Just trust in the Lord."

Scrunchy scratched his head. He thought real hard for a minute. "Oh...Yeah", said Scrunchy," now that I think about it. I guess you're right, Squeaky...I am being silly. Thanks for reminding me that even when fall comes or when things change, I shouldn't be afraid. I guess I panicked. I should just pray instead, and trust God to take care of me and give me what I need...because, you're right. God does always take care of us and give us the things we need. Thanks for telling me. Then Scrunchy began to laugh at himself. "Hee hee hee...ha ha...I was really acting funny, rushing around like that, huh? Now what are we going to do with all of this food? Help me eat some of it Squeaky...I think I got too much!" Squeaky and Scrunchy started laughing together, and then they both had a big yummy lunch of acorns and nuts!


Well, that was a quick story, but we can learn a lot from it. People are a lot like Scrunchy Squirrel too, aren't they? People worry when things change too. But even though things change outside, we don't have to worry or be afraid. If we remember that God made the seasons. Even more than that, we know that he is in control of everything. He made the world and everything in it. And he made us too. And, we also know he loves us so much and is so kind to us. So, we don't have to worry when things change.

Anything can change. Sometimes things change in our famlies. Sometimes people change. Sometimes things change outside - like when the leaves change colors and when it gets colder. But, there is someone who never changes. And, that is God. He never changes. He is always the same. He always loves us and cares for us. So if we remember how kind God is, and how much he loves us, we don't have to be afraid. He takes care of us and gives us everything we need. So, instead of worrying when things change, let's just pray instead.

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I hoped you liked the story about Scrunchy and Squeaky. We have some fall crafts ready for you to make. I hope they remind you how God never changes even though the seasons change.


Dear God,

Thank you for loving me so much and taking care of me.

Thank you for being in control of everything.

I know that you will never change, and that you will always love me.

Help me to not be afraid or worry when things change. Help me to just trust you instead.

In Jesus Name,