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TODDLER LESSON PRE-K / K LESSON DIRECTIONS for crafts DIRECTIONS for storyboard & stick-on pictures
Try out the storyboard, crafts and color pages for this lesson for free! (The stickers, mini-poster and iron-on transfer will be available to you when you order the Puppy Pals Fun Pack, along with the other 5 lessons, each with their own Toddler-version and Pre-K version, easy-to-make storyboard background pictures and stick-on accessories, crafts, color pages, mini-poster and iron-on image.) These interactive lessons are a great way to keep the little ones interested in the story. The children also get to make similar color pages and crafts to take home! These storyboards and accessory pictures can also be used for an extra activity that the kids can play with after the story! We show you how to make them sturdy. (See directions below.) Try out the lessons, storyboard, crafts and color pages for free. If the children enjoy it and are learning, why not try all six lessons in Puppy Pals Fun Pack, along with the crafts, color pages, printable posters, iron-ons and storyboard illustrations for each lesson: Puppy Pals Fun Pack!





COLOR PAGE CRAFT - Page 1 Page 2 CRAFT Page 1
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The pictures below are available in the Puppy Pals Fun Pack when you become a member of the Bible Kids Fun Zone subscription site.


MINI-POSTER IRON-ON (reverse image)

Supplies: Directions: Supplies: Directions:

Polaroid camera/film (optional)

Photo of child with friend (optional).

Craft page 1 & 2

Crayons, markers



Scotch tape

Glue Sticks

Teacher Prep for classes: take pictures for children to use in their crafts, or tell the children to bring a picture of themselves with a friend to use for their craft the following

week. (optional). OR - They can just draw in a picture of theirself with a friend instead. For drawing, do not cut out heart shape in frame.

For Photo Frames: Color craft pages, and cut out all pictures. Cut out heart shape on frame.

Place photo on back of frame. Adjust so you can see photo through cut-out heart shape. Secure with tape on the back.

Glue frame on top of puppy picture, leaving enough room to also glue paws on top of frame.

Place other heart on top of photo. Staple to frame on left side (optional).

craft page 1 & 2


4 brass fasteners per project


Glue stick

Color both craft pages. Cut out all pieces. Cut slits in stands.

Use brass fasteners to attach ears and arms to puppy.

Glue heart in one of puppy's hands.

Insert stand slit at 90 degrees to slit on puppy to make puppy sit up.

Color bookmark. Give to friend for a gift.


PRINT: The lessons in this Fun Pack are printable, and should print on two pages. All of the craft pages, color pages, posters, iron-on images, accessories, and storyboard pictures are printable, as well. If you are having trouble with them printing out the right size, go to your printer's Setup and check the option "fit to page" or "shrink to fit". You can also enlarge pictures in some printers Setup. Smaller storyboards may be easier to handle and store, but for a bigger storyboard, you can copy to enlarge when making a color copy of the pictures onto 17 X 24" paper (Kinko's or some office supply stores can do this for you.),

The color illustrations (ironons, posters and storyboard pictures) come out really nice if you print them on Premium Glossy Photo Paper, but its certainly not necessary. (This is a thick, cardboard-like paper with a glossy finish). If you don't want to glue them on poster board, you can also print them on card stock to lessen your prep time. Then, you can just use the pictures 1 or two at a time, placing them side by side on the ledge of the chalkboard, or TAPE them to a bulletin board (please don't use tacks or push pins around children for safety reasons). If they are to used as a front and back picture, just put up and take down the pictures when the story tells you to turn over the storyboard.

USING STORYBOARDS: This storyboard has a right and left side, as indicated. (left means the left side as you are looking at it in front of you). Hint: The characters should always be facing each other). If printing on regular paper, glue onto the correct side of poster board. The story will tell you when to show each picture on the story board. Read over the story ahead of time so you know when to use the storyboard background pictures and stick-on accessories. Keep the story accessory pictures in a manilla envelope and label each envelope. Have them ready to place on the storyboard before telling the story. A puppy puppet or stuffed animal is a fun to use to ask the questions at the end (optional). When telling the stories, read only what is in bold, starting with the Bible Verse. The rest is notes to you.


Clear, transparent contact paper


Storyboard illustrations

Lightweight cardboard, like poster board- or heavier cardboard. (OR print on card stock or premium glossy paper instead.

GLUE: After printing, glue the pictures on a poster board, side by side, on the correct side, right or left, as its facing you. Trim the poster board to match the size of the pictures.

COVER WITH CONTACT PAPER: (This is necessary because the stick-on pictures would take off the printed ink on the picture without it.

Cut the contact paper to match the size of the pictures you are covering (allow 1-1-1/2" extra to fold over to the back side if there is no back picture. Peel the backing of the contact paper, and cover both sides of storyboard (or just 1 side, if you are only using 1 side

Read instructions for smooth application. (I find it easiest to firs peel the backing off of the contact paper (sticky side up), then lay your storyboard picture on top of the contact paper, face down).

STICK-ON ACCESSORY PICTURES: If you don't have time to do the gluing, can just use a little piece of rolled-up tape on the back of each stick-on picture. *You can also use this concept for other crafts, such as the "paper doll" puppies, or build-a-snowman craft!

STICKER GLUE - (The accessory pictures are covered with contact paper, glued onto cardboard (or printed onto card stock or premium glossy paper), and made sticky using restickable glue).


Scotch (or another brand) Restickable Adhesive Glue Sticks

lightweight cardboard (ex. poster board) OR print onto card stock oR Premium glossy paper.

Gel glue


Transparent contact paper

(6) 8 1/2 X 11 " Manilla envelope


PRINT the Stick-On Accessory pictures Page for each story.

TRIM around outside of pages to remove excess.

GLUE:each page of accessory pictures onto cardboard with GEL GLUE. (Smear glue around making sure to get every area, especially edges, and press firmly). Let Dry.

CONTACT PAPER: CUT a piece of contact paper big enough to cover the pictures on each page.

PEEL backing off of contact paper. Place contact paper over pictures. Follow instructions on contact paper.

APPLY GLUE: When glue is dry, cut out each picture. Then apply Restickable Adhesive glue (a type of glue stick) to backs of the pictures only. * You may need to re-apply if some time has passed since you made these.

Keep pictures for each story in a separate n Manilla envelope. Label with the name of the lesson they are for.

• To make the box, cut across the top line of the box, starting on the right side, to where you see the side pane of the box, so that you can lift the top part to insert the bunnies "in" the box, instead of behind it.

•Also cut a curved slit around the hands of the puppies, so you can insert the bunnies and box behind their hands, to make it look like they are holding them.