Total story time: about 3-1/2 minutes.

Add time for questions and prayer at the end.

Just read what is in bold, beginning with the Bible verse. The words in parentheses are actions to take.)

Storyboard Pics:Right Picture, Left Picture, Accessories Page

Mark your Bible with the Bible Memory Verse, and read before lesson: Col. 3:12


(Show the story board). Here's a story about Rompy-Dog and Stompy-Dog. We can just call them Rompy and Stompy for short. (Point to Rompy) This is Rompy-Dog. Today Rompy was really excited. He was excited because it was his turn to bring in something for Show-N-Tell. After lunch would be time for Show-N-Tell. It would be his turn to show the class something special and tell them all about it. He could hardly wait. Finally, the time came for Show-N-Tell. Rompy's mom had brought in a big box for Rompy. (Place the box with the lid on, with the bunnies underneath, in Rompy's hands). Rompy carried the box to the front of the class. The box was kind of hard to hold because whatever was inside box was moving around. Everybody wondered what was moving around in the box.

Then Rompy took off the lid and showed the class what was in the box. (take the lid off) Bunnies! Cute fluffy, baby bunnies! Each one was a different color! Rompy took them out of the box one-by-one and let his friends hold them. One was all black. (Take the black one out of the box.) One was all white. (Take the white one out of the box.) One was white with black spots. (Take that one out). The last one was black with white spots. (Take that one out.) Everybody liked holding and petting the little bunnies. His friend, Stompy, really loved the little black bunny. It was his favorite bunny. He just sat there and played with it for a long time. He didn't want to put it down. But, finally the teacher asked Stompy to go back to his seat because now they had to do their ABC lesson. So Stompy helped Rompy put the bunnies back in the box (put them back in). Then they put the lid on (put the lid on), put the box away (take the box & everything in it, off the storyboard), and went back to their seats.

During the lesson, Rompy noticed that Stompy was upset. "What's wrong, Stompy?", he asked. Stompy said, "Well... I can't stop thinking about the little black bunny". Its my favorite! I wanted a little black bunny for my birthday, but my parents got me a bike instead." Rompy felt bad for him and told him, "Well, you know what? You can have the little black bunny. I'll give it to you." Stompy asked, "Really? You would give me the little black bunny? Really-truly?" Rompy laughed a little, "Yes, if your mom will let you keep it, you can have it." Stompy smiled real big because he was sure mom would let him have the bunny. He said, "Thanks Rompy! That was really kind of you. You are a real friend. Thanks a lot!".

So, after class when their parents came to pick them up, Stompy told his mom all about the little bunnies. He told her that Rompy said he would give him the little black bunny if he was allowed to keep it. "Please, mom...please...can I have it?", he begged. Just then Rompy came by with the little black bunny. (place the black bunny in Rompy's hands) Here's the bunny. Are you allowed to have it?" Rompy asked. Stompy's mom answered, "Well, if you promise to take good care of it and feed it every day, you can have it". "Wow! Thanks mom...yes, I'll take really good care of it. I promise." So Rompy gave Stompy the little black bunny. (place the bunny in Stompy's hands). Stompy was so excited! He held the little bunny while he and his mom went to the Pet store to get some bunny food and a bunny-house. Stompy asked if they could buy an extra bag of bunny food to give to Rompy for his bunnies. "That's a good idea! I think he would like that." So they got two bags of bunny food, one for Stompy's bunny and one for Rompy's bunnies (place both bags of bunny food on the story board by Stompy).

Then they took the little bunny home and fed it some of the bunny food and gave it some water (place the bunny down by Stompy's feet, and the bunny dishes in front of it) . Rompy was really kind to give me the bunny." Stompy said. "Yes, it was a very kind thing for Rompy to do!" said mom, and . "Yep", said Stompy, "and now I'm going to do something kind for him too. I'm going to give him food for his bunnies!" (Place one bag of bunny food in Rompy's hands). "Wow! Thanks Stompy!", Rompy said. I needed some more bunny food. Now my bunnies will be very happy". "Glad I could help!", said Stompy. Then they gave each other a big hug. "I can see you two are really good friends now!" said mom. "Yes...he is a real friend - a kind friend; and I like being kind too." said Stompy. THE END.

Discussion Questions: Using the puppy puppet, say: Now Puppy has a few questions about the story. Raise your hand if you think know the answer. What was the kind thing Rompy did for his friend? (give him the black bunny) Did Stompy also do something for Rompy-Dog? (yes) What did he do? (got him some bunny food and gave it to him for his bunnies). What was the kind thing Stompy did for his little black bunny? (bought it some food and cared for it). Who is the kindest friend we have? (God). What are some ways God is kind to us? (gives us food, gives us parents to take care of us, gives us friends, gives us the Bible, saves us, adopts us as his children to be part of his family, etc.). What is a kind thing you can do for someone? (possible answers: Give them something they need, visit them when they are in the hospital, send a card on their birthday, be friendly to the new kids in your class or neighborhood, share your toys, etc.)

PRAYER: (Ask the children to bow their heads, close their eyes, fold their hands and repeat the words after you say them. Pause after each phrase marked by an *). *Dear God, *Thank you for being so kind to me! *Thank you for being my best friend of all. *Thank you for giving me other friends too. *Thank you for the kindness *that friends show me. *Help me be a kind friend to others, too. *In Jesus' name, *Amen

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