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Snack Ideas
Ritz crackers or other crackers and jelly. See Activity Below. Or, real fruit salad or fruit chews.
Preschool Song with Actions - Good Tree, Bad Tree - Sung to the tune of Baby Bumblebee (I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee" but skip the first note of every line).
I'm waiting for the good tree to grow its pears. Place right elbow in left hand, spread fingers on right hand and move in a circular motion.
Since its a good tree, good fru-uit i-it bears! Throw both hands out in front of you.
There's isn't any bad fruit; good fruit it shares! Shake head no. Throw both hands out in front of you.
Um-m-m! De-li-i-cious! Pretend you are biting into fruit and make crunch sound.
This is the bad tree...There's no fruit that's good. Place left elbow in right hand, spread fingers on left hand and move in a circular motion.
It would grow good fruit; if only i-it could Place chin in hand and tilt head, as if sighing.
If it was a good tree; then surely it would! Place right elbow in left hand, spread fingers on right hand and move in a circular motion.
Ew-w-w! Throw it out! Make motions of throwing it out.
I'm so happy that God makes fruit that's good. Put fist in front of you.
He helps me do what I know I should. Point up.
I'm so-o happy; He gives me fruit that's good! Hold hands out in front of you with palms up.
Oh! He's so-o good! Point up.
When I have God's Spirit living in my heart Point to heart.
He gi-iives me a bra-and new start! Jump up high.
He is so good; He changes my heart. Point to heart.
Oh. He's so-o good! Jump up and down a couple of times.
Toddler Rhyme with Actions - Good Fruit. Do the actions in the right column while saying the words on the left.
I am the branch; and Jesus is the vine. Hold right forearm with left hand.
Then I am his, and he is surely mine. Point to self then God, then to God and back to self.
He will make the good fruit gro-ow in me. Jump up and down.
You will see! Make circles with index finger and thumb, and place over eyes for glasses.
I am so happy; God is so good. Jump up and down.
Now he helps me do-o what I should Nod "yes".,
Thank you so much, God, for all your love! Cross arms over chest.
From up above. Point up.
Toddler and Preschool Activity: What Comes Out is What's On The Inside!
Several Smucker's Squeezables squeeze bottles filled with applesauce, grape jelly, and other fruit jellies (do not use jelly with fruit chunks). Prep to do at home: Fill the squeeze bottles with different kinds of fruit jelly or sauce. Cut the pictures to the appropriate size to cover outside of bottles with picture of fruits. You can cut vertical slits towards middle to fit page on bottle better. Tape picture onto bottle to hide it. Activity: Follow the actions listed in the Circle Time Activity. Let the kids each take a turn at squeezing each one. Let Fruity Bear make comments about good and bad trees (See lesson for examples). Let somebody squeeze the yucky one last and follow the directions in the lesson for what to say.
One bottle filled with a mixture of mustard, catsup, applesauce, A1 steak sauce, BBQ sauce, or whatever else you can think of that would look and smell bad.
Ritz or other snack crackers
B&W Fruits or color Fruits
Plastic spoons
Clear tape, scissors
Waxed paper
Paper towels, napkins to wipe up accidents




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