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Children sometimes get funny concepts about God. What better way to help them form a solid concept of who God is and what he is like than devotions on a child's level that use solid scriptures, a little bit at a time. To get on the child's level, these devotions incorporate visual, auditory, tactile and hands-on learnig. Here are the ways these devotions get on a child's level:

1) By using easy Bible verses, there is not much explaining that the parent needs to do.

2) By using Bible verses that young children can relate to; ones that are already part of the world they know.

3) By using Bible verses that area easily acted out with a toy or doll or other object. So, they are also object lessonthat the children interact with the toy or object as the parent guides them.

4) By usng hands-on learning. Many children learn best doing what they are learning. Acting out the verses makes the concepts really stick with the children and helps them remember and ingrain these very important concepts right from the start.

We also feel it is important for childrens' spiritual development, to be able to sense God's love through a loving parent or sibling. These devotions are one way of pointing your relationship in a positive direction towards that end. The time spent having devotions with your children is invaluable to the child's spiritual development.

Ad added bonus of these devotions for kids is that they are fun. IIf devotions are enjoyable for your children, aren't they more likely to want to do them often? The way they are enjoyable is by allowing kids freedom to express themselves in the play activities and in the way they act out the Bible verses with their toy or object, and during Talk Time they have a chance to express their views. It also gives the parent a opportune time to clear up any misunderstandings their children may have about God and the Bible.

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