God Makes Me Right With Him (Breastplate of Righteousness

Mark your bible with Romans 5:8-9; Phil. 3:9 and the Bible Memory Verse: Ephesians 6:14


1 - Narrator 2- Tickles the Bear 3 - Sticky Bear


Tickles and Sticky Bear Puppets with Stick-On armor (see Fun Pack), Hershey's chocolate syrup, damp sponges in a plastic bag, paper towels (wipes off easily because he is coated with plastic - easy directions included).

Put the breastplate on Sticky Bear, and put a few drops of syrup on Sticky Bear's breastplate and on his face and body. Smear it around a little.
NARRATOR Tickles the Bear and Bouncy Bear meet up again at the park to talk about another piece of armor that God gives us to fight sin with.
Sticky Bear (With chocolate "dirt" all over him, crying) Look at me Tickles. I'm a mess! I was trying to jump over a big puddle, but I didn't jump far enough. I slipped and fell, and landed right in the middle! Then, mud splashed everywhere! Now I'm covered with mud.
Tickles Oh, wow! yeah, you ARE a mess! But, don't worry...we'll get you cleaned up. (He uses the sponge to wipe off Sticky Bear's face and body. It works on his face, but stains the clothing - leave some visible on the breastplate). Well, it came off your face, but it looks like you have mud stains your breastplate. It won't come clean.
Sticky Bear Here...let me try... I'll get the stain out. (Grunting) (He rubs the sponge on the breastplate, but it remains dirty). (Frustrated) Its no use...I can't make it clean either!
Tickles I guess you're just going to have to stay dirty. Yuk!
Sticky Bear (whining) But Tickles... I don't want to be dirty....I want to be clean!
Tickles (snickering) It IS kinda gross.
Sticky Bear
Don't laugh...its not funny.
Tickles I'm Sorry...I do feel bad for you, but it IS kinda funny if you think about it.
Sticky Bear (laughing) Yeah....hee hee...I guess you're right....hee hee. But, what are we gonna do?
Tickles Don't worry...I just remembered...I have something to give you - a brand new, clean breastplate for you to put on. Here! (He takes the dirty breastplate off Sticky Bear and replaces it with the new one).
Sticky Bear Oh, wow! Thank you,Tickles, thank you! Now I feel much better! I don't have to go around looking like a muddy little pig anymore. (laugh) Thanks a lot!
Tickles No problem....Glad to help. After all, you're my friend....Hey! You know what this reminds me of?
Sticky Bear No... what?
Tickles It reminds me of what Jesus does for us. In Romans 5:8-9, it says: (Read verse).
Sticky Bear (a little sarcastic) Explain please!
Tickles Well, when you were all dirty - that is like all of us at first. We are full of sin..our hearts are dirty. We all do wrong things. Even the things we try to do right don't measure up to God's goodness. And since we are full of sin, that means we are not right with God. Instead, we are being God's enemy.
Sticky Bear Then how can we ever be right with God?
Tickles Well, God loves us so much that that He made a way for us to be right with him again. He wants to be our friend, even though we were acting like his enemies. He loved us so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus, to take the punishment that we deserve. Jesus was perfect, and didn't deserve any punishment, but He died on the cross in our place, to take the punishment for our sin anyway, just because He loves us so much! He made the only way for us to be right with God again.
Sticky Bear Oh...I never thought of it that way before...Wow! God must love us a lot if he is willing to save us when we are all dirty and covered with sin. How does it all happen?

Its all explained in the Bible. Just like you came to me and admitted you were all dirty, and you were sad about it. You realized you couldn't make yourself clean, and you didn't want to go on being dirty. Then you asked to be made clean. Its sort of the same with God, when you admit you are a sinner, and helpless on your own, you realize there is NOTHING you can do on your own to make yourself right with God. Jesus is the only way to God. He is the one who can make us right with God. That's why its called righteousness. Its a free gift from God. Nobody can ever be right with God on their matter how many good things they do. Here...take a look at this... (hands him a bible from accessories page in Fun Pack) Can you read this for us?

Sticky Bear Sure...Philippians 3:9 says (Read verse again). Wow! Now I see what you mean! When I tried to get the stain out myself, I couldn't - it was hopeless. But then you gave me the clean, new breastplate because you are my friend. But how does this all work?
Tickles Well, Sticky Bear, when you believe that Jesus is God's Son, and that He died on the cross to pay for your sins, if you are truly sorry, you ask God to forgive you. You turn from your sin and choose to follow Jesus instead. You ask Jesus to be your leader. God will hear your prayer. He will save you from sin and from his judgment. See, God doesn't count your sin against you any more, because Jesus already took the punishment! And, three days after he died, he rose to life again! He's alive! And he promises a new life for us too when we believe in him. And, he gives us the power to win the fight against sin. And, just like I gave you the new breastplate because I was your friend, Jesus offers to be our friend...He takes our dirty hearts that are stained with sin, and give us a brand-new, clean heart instead!
Sticky Bear Oh, now I see what you mean! God must really love us a lot! I want to be made clean. I want to be Jesus' friend too. Can you pray with me?
Tickles Sure, anybody else who wants to be clean, and right with God, can repeat the words along with you.
Tickles says 1 sentence at a time, then Sticky Bear repeats it.

Dear God, I realize that I'm helpless without you. I can't be good enough on my own. I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus is your Son, and that he paid the payment for my sins when he died on the cross in my place. I'm the one who deserved the punishment, but He took it for me. Please forgive me and make me right with you. I want change the way I've been living and live for you instead. I ask you to be my leader from now on. I thank you for saving me now and giving me a new, clean heart. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Tickles I'm so happy for you! Now you are clean, and you are right with God. The same for anybody else who prayed that prayer to God. Now you can put on your breastplate of righteousness. That means you are right with God because of what Jesus did. And now you have the power to fight against sin too. Jesus gives you that power, by his Spirit who lives in you now. For anyone who prayed the prayer, make sure you tell your teacher so they can help you grow as a Christian. And, for those who weren't ready yet - just let your teacher know when you are ready. She'll be glad to help.
Sticky Bear I'm happy too...Now I'm clean, and I'm right with God! Yeah!
Tickles and Sticky Bear Together Hooray! Thank you Jesus!
Tickles Now we have some fun games and crafts for you to do. I Hope you liked the skit. Bye-bye until next week.

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