God Saves Me (Helmet of Salvation)

Mark your Bible with Romand 10:13 and the Bible Memory Verse and read before the lesson: Ephesians 6:17

Tickles the Bear and Sticky Bear met up once again at the park to talk about another piece of armor that God gives us to fight sin with.Sticky Bear was all dressed up in his breastplate, his shoes and his shield. But, Tickles had all of his armor on, even his helmet.

Sticky Bear ran up to Tickles and yelled out, "Look at me now, Tickles! I put on my belt, my breastplate on my chest, my shoes, and my shield! I look pretty good now, huh? Are you scared of me with all this armor?"

Tickles looked over Sticky Bear's armor and answered, "Well, let's see...yeah, you do look pretty scary. You . But something is missing....what about your head? If you don't cover your head, it could get hit."

Sticky Bear looked a little sad, "Oh...I didn't think about that. Then he started to laugh, "But it will mess up my hairdo".

Tickles laughed along with Sticky Bear, "Yeah, but you can always fix your hair later. Let's take a look at verse Ephesians 6:17, the Bible tells us that we need a helmet."

Sticky Bear asked, "A helmet? Yeah, I guess that would protect my head. But, What does the helmet really mean Tickles?

Tickles explained to Sticky Bear, "Your helmet means salvation - That you need to be sure that you are saved. Just like a helmet protects your head if you take a fall and hit your head, knowing you are saved protects you too. When you know you are saved, the devil can't take that away. Nobody can!"

Just then, a rock came out of nowhere and hit Tickles right in the head. "Ow!, yelled Tickles"

Sticky Bear's mouth dropped, "What's wrong! Oh...where did that rock come from?!

Tickles replied, "I don't know...but it hurt me a little....even with my helmet on! Its a good thing I had it on. I was protected. Just like what I was about to say before the rock hit me....When you trust in God and his promises, you don't have to worry. Knowing you are saved protects you from the doubts and fears that the devil tries to throw at you...just like that rock was thrown at me"

Sticky Bear asked, "Oh you mean what we learned before. That God saves us from sin, and saves us from dying? I remember the devotion about righteousness - that other big word. How Jesus died for me to take the punishment for my sin. And, how he rose again to give me new life. And, how He gives me his Spirit to lead me"

Tickles was excited that Sticky Bear was starting to understand, " Yeah, exactly! This is how God planned it: The Bible tells us that we all have sin in our hearts. Even if you do all the right things, and it looks like you are perfect to other people, everybody still has sin in their heart. But, God is holy, which means He has NO sin...He is ALL good. So, we can't be friends with God if our hearts have sin in them. But, when you admit you are a sinner, and you ask God to forgive you, he does.

Then Sticky Bear thought a little and said, "Maybe you could start from the beginning so everybody understands. But, can I have a helmet too...before somebody throws a rock at me." Tickles gives Sticky Bear a helmet he was carrying in his backpack.

"Thanks! Now I'm protected!", cried out Sticky Bear.

Tickles continued to explain, "See, it used to be that people sacrificed animals to pay for their sins. But then God sent his only Son, Jesus, to the earth to die on the cross to pay for our sins. See Jesus was perfect. He had no sin in Him. God came to earth in the form of a man (Jesus) so He could come and live with us and save us. He loved us so much He didn't want our sin to destroy us. He did this so you wouldn't have to be punished to pay for your sins, and so you wouldn't have to die to pay for your sins. Jesus died instead. He died in our place"

Sticky Bear took over from there, "Oh yeah...I know how the rest goes. It goes like this: So, when you believe in Jesus, and believe that he died for your sins, that is the first step. And, when you admit that you have sin in your heart, and ask him to forgive you, He does forgive you. The blood that Jesus poured out for you covers all your sin so that God doesn't see it anymore. He loves us so much that he doesn't count it against you. He wants to be your friend. When you accept God's forgiveness, and ask Jesus to be your leader for the rest of your life, and tell Him that you want to follow Him starting now, He gives you his Spirit to live in your heart.

Tickles had a big smile on his face, "Yes, and He then begins changing your heart, and helps you become more like Jesus every day. Its the beginning of a whole new life - a new life in Jesus! That's amazing that God did that for us. Its like he gives us another chance even though we mess up really bad! And, the really great thing is...anyone can be saved. Romans 10:13 says, '(Read verse).

Sticky Bear added, "Yeah...even me too. Since I'm saved. I know I'm right with God. That means I'm protected with my helmet of salvation, huh?"

"Yes, Sticky too., Tickles replied.

"But what if someone tries to tell me I'm not saved?, asked Sticky Bear.

Tickles continued to explain, "That's why you wear the Helmet of Salvation - Once you have God's Spirit in your heart, you can trust in God's promises. Nobody can ever take that away. The devil tries to make us doubt God's power to save us, but we can be sure that we are saved. We can rely on God's promises. After I ask Jesus to be my leader, if the devil tries to tell me that I'm not a follower of Jesus, or that I don't have Jesus in my heart, I know deep down that I do have Jesus in our heart, and that I am saved. When you become a child of God, God promises to save you from sin and save you from dying. That means God gives us the power to beat sin and raises us to life again after we die. Our spirit doesn't really die. We go and live with Jesus instead. And, living with Jesus is the happiest place ever. Way better than any place on earth...way better than any place you could ever think up."

Sticky Bear was all excited and said, "That sounds wonderful! I can't wait. What about everybody else who believes in Jesus, and believes that He died for their sins, and want to ask Jesus to be their leader. Tickles, can you help them pray too?

This is the prayer that Tickles prayed: Anybody else can pray the same prayer. Just repeat the words after me. Be sure that you tell your teacher after class if you prayed with us and asked Jesus to come into your heart.

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Dear God, I believe in Jesus. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and was raised to life agan. I know that I am a sinner and have sin in my heart. Please forgive me for all my sins. Jesus, I want you to be my leader. I want to have a new life too, and follow you from now on. Please send your Spirit to live in me. I Thank you for loving me. And I thank you now for saving me. In Jesus' name, Amen

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