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I Show My Friends That I'm Thankful For Them

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This devotion is a made-up story about two puppies. You can make the story fun by using puppets to act out the story. There is a fun craft and coloring page for this devotion. Read the bible verse before the story. Printable version.
Free Devotion for Children - I Show Friends That I'm Thankful for Them
Bible Verses: Matthew 7:12 Prep: Pray, asking the Lord to prepare your heart.
Items: Two puppy or dog puppets Focus: Its good to treat friends like we want to be treated, and show them that we are thankful for them.

Cuddle Puppy was running around like crazy. It was almost Thanksgiving. His friend Snuggle Puppy was going to come over for...well.... sort of a second Thanksgiving dinner, after he had dinner with his family. He was rushing around because he was looking for his craft supplies. He wanted to make Snuggle Puppy something

Just then his mom walked in the room. "Cuddle Puppy, why are you in such a hurry?"

"I want to show Snuggle Puppy how thankful I am for him. I want to make him a card about being friends. Thanksgiving is just a couple days away, so I've got to hurry!" "Oh, that's really nice!", his mom replied, "Why did you decide to that?"

"Well, after I heard the Bible verse about treating others as I want to be treated, I got an idea. I wanted to do something to let Snuggle Puppy know how much I love him. I want him to know how much I like having him as my friend -- something really special so, I'm going to make him a gift for thanksgiving, and a card too!

"What a great idea!" Mom said. So, Cuddle Puppy worked hard for a long time. When he was finally finished he showed his mom what he made for Snuggle Puppy. Mom thought they were great!

When Thanksgiving day came a couple days later, Snuggle Puppy arrived at the door. With a big smile they said "Hi!" and hugged. Cuddle Puppy couldn't wait any longer. He had to give Snuggle Puppy his gift and card right now. "Snuggle Puppy, I have something for you!", he said with a big grin on his face.

"Oh...look, I have something for you too!" Snuggle Puppy added. Cuddle Puppy laughed and said, "Puppies don't usually give each other gifts on Thanksgiving...that's usually for Christmas, but I just think you're extra-special, so I made you something." Snuggle Puppy laughed too. "I was thinking the same thing, Cuddle Puppy!" Snuggle Puppy explained.

Snuggle Puppy opened his gift first. Wow! It was the most thoughtful gift he ever got. It was a set of four bookmarks that told him how much Cuddle Puppy appreciated his friendship! "These are really great, Snuggle Puppy That was so kind of you to spend all that time to make me something special. Thank you so much!", Cuddle Puppy told his friend. Then Cuddle Puppy opened his gift. It was a set of stickers that he could use in a scrapbook about friends! And, with the stickers were some photos of the two of them. Snuggle Puppy had taken the pictures last week, then he printed them from his computer. "Wow! What a great idea! Thank you so we can remember the fun things we did together. Maybe we can make a scrapbook together! What a cool gift! Thanks for taking the pictures and making me the stickers! You're the best friend anybody could ever have!" Cuddle Puppy said.

So, the two of them had a great time together the rest of the day. They had a wonderful dinner, helped dad do the dishes afterwards. Then they started making their friendship scrapbook together! They both felt loved and appreciated. And, when they said their prayers that night, they each said a special 'Thank you' to God for their special friend and the great day they had being with each other. THE END

Talk it Over: Did you like the story? We all like to feel like other people are glad to know us. We like to feel liked and appreciated. There are lots of ways to show our friends that we like them and are thankful for them. How did the puppies in the story do that?

Can you think of some other ways you could show your friends that you are thankful for them? We can think about the Bible verse and ask the Lord to help us think about how we would want to be treated. (Read Bible verse again). Can you think of anything else? (Let children answer. Then offer these suggestions in addition:)

Bake them a birthday cake on their birthday, be a good listener, tell them the things you appreciate about them, give them a card that expresses your feelings, help them when they need help with something, plan a fun activity for the two of you to do together, introduce them to your other friends, invite them to special activities, invite them to church.

Prayer: Pray a simple prayer and allow your child to say a prayer of their own.
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For an activity for the above devotion, take some photos of your child and some of their friends playing together or doing some fun activities together with a digital camera. Upload them to your computer and print them off. Make two copies on a copier. Cut them out. Children glue them to the scrapbook pages. Children can glue on the above stickers or add other stickers. Children can also draw pictures of themselves with their friend on a sheet of construction paper for the cover. Hole punch all the pages at the top or left side. Tie pages with yarn to put the scrapbook together.
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