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Devotion for Children based on Psalm 139:1-6 - God Cares
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Bible Verses: Psalm 139:1-6 Prep: Pray, asking the Lord to prepare your heart.
Items: Teddy bear or doll, doll blanket or piece of fabric. Focus: We have a great God who knows everything about us.
Words for Parent to Say: Actions for Child (parent helps):
Read Psalm 139:1-2a Can you show me how ____ (doll's name) sits and stands? Make the doll sit, then stand up.
Read v 2b Wow! God takes the time to know you and think about what you're thinking about! What part of our bodies do we think with? Can you show me on your doll? Point to doll's head.
Read v 3a Show me how ____ (doll's name) walks and lies down? Make doll walk, then lie down. Cover with blanket.
Read v 3b Did you know that God watches over everything you're doing. He knows what time you get up. Let me see ____ name of doll) get up. Pick up doll.
God knows when you eat. Show us how the ____ (name of doll) eats. Pretend to eat with doll.
He watches over you as you play. Show me how ____ (name of doll) plays. Pretend to play with doll.
He can see you laughing. Show me how ____ laughs. Make doll laugh and shake.
He sees when you're crying, Show me how ____ cries. Cry “Wha-a-a!
He even watches over you as you sleep. Let's put ___ to bed. Put doll to bed, cover with blanket..
Read v 4 He knows what you're going to say even before you say it. Your Father in heaven loves you so much that you are ALWAYS in his care. Rock doll in arms.
Read v 5a Let's block ____ in. Now he can't go too far, can he? Maybe this way he won't get into trouble! And maybe now he won't get hurt, or get lost. He's protected. Stand doll up. Place one hand on the front of the doll, and one hand on the back.
Read v5b Where's _____ head. Can you put your hand on his head? Lay hand gently on doll's head
Read v 6 God is too wonderful for us to really understand, isn't he?  
Talk it over: When someone says God's hand is upon them, that usually means that God is protecting them. God is with us all the time! ts hard to understand how God pays us so much attention all the time. We get distracted so easily! But God is not like us. God is greater than we can know! We will never completely understand God, because he is so awesome!
Pray it: Pray a simple prayer and allow your child to say a prayer of their own.
Play it: Let's think about how God is with us no matter where we go or what we do today! Will you help me do that?
Copyright Information:
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Psalm 139:1-6 1 Yahweh, you have searched me, and you know me. 2 You know my sitting down and my rising up. You perceive my thoughts from afar. 3 You search out my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways. 4 For there is not a word on my tongue, but, behold, Yahweh, you know it altogether. 5 You hem me in behind and before. You laid your hand on me. 6 This knowledge is beyond me. It’s lofty.I can’t attain it. (WEB)
The World English Bible is public domain.
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