The Surprises of Jesus Birth - Devotion For Young Children (Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten)

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Devotion: The Surprises of Jesus' Birth
Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 1:22-23 Other scripture ref.'s: John 1:14, Phi :6-8

Matthew 1:22 Now all this has happened, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, 23 "Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall give birth to a son. They shall call his name Immanuel"; which is, being interpreted, "God with us." WEB

The World English Bible is a public domain translation.
Other reference verses for this devotion: John 10:11-17

NOTE: This devotion is designed to follow the story of Jesus' birth, to go after the nativity story.

We have all heard the true story of how Jesus was born, right? Is there anyone who hasn't? (If anybody raises their hand, make sure you go over it with them after or before class, when the children are coming in).

Its my favorite story of all time! But sometimes we don't realize all the miracles and surprises that really happened. Let's take a minute to think of the things that happened that were not the usual things that happen every day. These things could never have happened without God making them happen.

First of all, when the angel Gabriel appeaed to Mary. Just think how surprised you would be if an angel came to visit you! Wouldn't that be awesome - Let's all pretend right now, that all of a sudden, there is an angel from heaven, beautiful and white, with bright light all around him. He was sent by God, and he is giiving us a message directly from God! That is a fun thing to pretend, isn't it? As we think about the story of Jesus' birth, we also remember how the angel also came to Joseph. The angel came to Joseph to give him a message from God too. How surprised Joseph must have been too.

Then another surprise was the humble way our Savior chose to come to us. Since God is above all, the greatest name there is, and in control of all of heaven and earth, he could have chosen to come to us in a palace, and have rich parents, and have the best of everything! He could've had the best toys and softest, fluffy baby bed you ever saw.

But, baby Jesus didn't have a nice comfy, crib with a soft puffy mattress. All Mary and Joseph had to lay him in was a trough or manger. (ask the class: Who remembers what a trough is?, after they answer, say:) That's right, a trough was a box where they put the food for the animals. Mary and Joseph didn't have a normal place to stay. They couldn't be at home, and they couldn't find a hotel to stay in. Remember how they had to go stay in the stable, where the animals were kept, because there was no room for them at the inn. He didn't have a hospital with doctors and nurses taking care of him either. Jesus didn't have any of those nice things. He simply came...because he loves you and me so much.

Another surprise from the story was How God made a big star shine so bright that the kings from far, far away could see it. He did this so that it could guide the wise men to baby Jesus. They had to come many, many miles to the place where Jesus was born, but they did it because they knew what the star meant. It meant that a great King had been born. But, God was with them as they made their journey. He made sure they got right to the exact place where baby Jesus was...all by the light of a star.

Another surprise was when the angels came from heaven to visit the shepherds to tell them that their Savior was born. First just one angel, then many, many angels lit up the sky. They were praising God for the joyful birth of Jesus. Have any of you ever seen a light show? A light show is a beautiful show of many different colored lights. I bet when the angels came from heaven, it was better than any man-made light show! It was a heavenly light show with the beautiful singing of the angels in the background. And, do you remember what the angel said when he came to the shepherds? He said, "Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!" NKJV. God was telling us through the angels that he was making peace with us. That our Savior was born - Jesus was the one he sent to save us. He was telling us he wanted to be our friend. That's why it was such good news. Now there was someone to bring us close to God.

Then, the biggest surprise of all, was the surprise of Jesus being born. God loves us so much that he wanted to be near us and save us. His whole plan from the beginning was to love us and make a way for us to live with him forever, so we could enjoy friendship with him always. So he came to earth, in the form of a little baby. He did all that just for you and me. He could've stayed in heaven, where life is perfect and pure. But he was so full of love for you that he could'nt stay away. He came to earth just to be with you. He loves you so much and wants to be near you, so that his Spirit can live in you and teach you, and so that he can forgive you and make you right with him. He loves us so much that he wants us to live with him forever. He made each of you and loves each of you. He doesn't want anyone to be far away from him.

That's a lot to think about, isn't it? We can't really understand all of the greatness of God's love. That's because we're only people. We can't figure out how he did all the wonderful miracles and suprises that he did. But, we don't have to understand everything. Even adults don't understand everything. But, this year, since God did this wonderful thing to be with us, won't you come near to him too. He's only a prayer away. Let's pray now, and remember all the wonderful surprises around the time of Jesus' birth.

The word Christmas was removed from this devotion because the truth was realized that the Christmas celebration is a pagan holiday. So BKFZ chooses not to use the word Christmas in its devotions and lessons. It may take me a while to complete this. We will leave the file names the same and the words in our descriptions the same so people can find our free devotions and Sunday school lessons about Jesus' birth. I know this is controversial, and that its hard to give up "beloved holidays", or disappoint relattives, but please prayerfully consider the chapter of Jeremiah 10 also. There are other options: You could make up your own family Christian holidays to celebrate different biblical events or plan to get together with family members at different, less hectic times. If you want more information, there are videos about the deception of Santa Claus, or the pagan roots of Christmas on popular free video websites.
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