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Directions for Prayer Bear

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Supplies needed to make Prayer Bear:

How to make Prayer Bear:

• Prayer Bear Page- click here: craft sheet

Crayons, markers or paint.

• 8 X 11 sheet of cardboard or poster board

• Scissors.

• Glue stick

• 3 X 3 note pad sheets (Optional)

• Color or paint Prayer bear and the words "Prayer Bear". Coloring the stands is optional. (If you paint him, glue him onto the cardboard first, so paper doesn't "curl").

• Cut slit on top of Prayer Bear's front arm (from crossmark to crossmark).

• Paste entire page onto cardboard or poster board. Except when gluing Prayer Bear on, do not glue the area directly below the slit on his hands (you will be putting your "prayer requests" there).

• Cut out all pieces.

• Insert stands so that he "sits up".


• Write your prayer requests on the top half of the 3 X 3 notes. Fold up (or roll) and insert them into between Prayer Bear's hands. Take them out every night before you go to sleep and pray about each one.

• When God answers your prayer, write down the answer on the bottom half of the note. Keep the answered ones in an envelope by him, or make a little booklet out of them. Read them often to remind you how God answers our prayers!