Bible Kids Fun Zone's Palm Sunday - Sunday School Crafts for Preschool Children

Palm Branches Craft - Directions:


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Supplies needed to make Palm Branches:
How to make Palm Branches :

• Palm Branches craft sheet

Crayons, markers or paint.

• Green fun foam or construction paper (optional)

• Scissors.

• Glue Sticks or paste.

How to Use Palm Branches:

1. Parade. Use the big ones for a parade, going around the room singing praises or shouting praises to Jesus.

2. Play. Use the donkey mask for someone to be the donkey. The donkey gets on all fours. Someone else (a smaller person) can dress up as "Jesus" and ride the donkey around the room. The other people dress up as bible characters and put down coats and swing their palm branches shouting praises to "Jesus" as he rides by.

3. Palm Sunday Game: Use the small branches to hide around the room or play area outside (like an Easter egg hunt). Give a specified amount of time for the children to look for the palm branches. Mark on the other side what the person wins when they find it, or just decide ahead of time what the winners will receive (small toys, candy, etc.). Have extra on hand for those who didn't find any palm branches, or "help" them find some during the game.

• Color or paint palm branches.

• Cut out the palm branches. Cut slits in branches to make "leaves".




Optional (for sturdier palm branches):

• Use the palm branch pictures as patterns. Print them on card stock.

• Cut out.

• Place branches on the fun foam or construction paper.

• Trace around the palm branch shape. Cut out. Cut the slits to make "leaves"


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