Directions - Turkey Craft


Option 1 - Turkey (Painted or colored)

Option 2 - Turkey (With Craft Feathers)


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Option 1

Supplies Needed For Turkey (Painted) Craft:


Option 1

How to Make Turkey (Painted) Craft:


• Craft sheet - click here for craft sheet

• Paint or Crayons & Markers

• Fine-tipped marker

• Paint or Draw feathers on baby turkey craft

• Write the words on top of the craft sheet: "Thank you, God, for protecting Me!".

Option 2

Supplies Needed For Turkey With Craft feathers:


Craft sheet - click here for craft sheet

• Crayons/Markers

• Craft Feathers (that look like real feathers)

* Optional: Orange foam or construction paper

• Optional: Contrasting color of construction paper

• Glue Sticks or paste

• Scissors


Option 2

How to Make Turkey With Craft Feathers:

• Color baby turkey's head, body and feet. (Or you can cut feet shape out of orange foam or construction paper).

* Cut out entire turkey, and cut around head and body to separate feather shape.

* Glue feathers onto feather shape that you cut off, extending feathers below paper shape.

• Glue head and body on top of lower feathers, so that it overlaps feathers.

• Glue on foam feet.

•Optional: Glue entire turkey onto piece of construction paper, and write the words "Thank you, God, for protecting me!", on top.