Bible Kids Fun Zone - Good Samaritan Craftts About Love

Extra coloring pages, cards, valentine's day crafts
Puppy blowing bubbles Puppy Heart Bubbles poster/coloring page - Prep: Print and make copies of picture. Craft: Let children paint or color. Place glue on hearts. Place picture in art tray. Sprinkle glitter on bubbles. Shake extra glitter off picture. Tip: Reuse glitter in tray by pouring in back into container using funnel.
Puppy blowing bubbles in color
Crayons, markers, dot markers
Art trays
puppyheartballoons Puppy with balloons Puppy With Heart Balloons Card - Prep: Print Puppy Balloon picture. (Reduce size if desired). Copy onto card stock. Option 2: Copy onto 11 X 17" size regular paper, so that the picture is on the right side. (Fold this card vertically so that the card opens and child can tell you a message they want to say for the inside). Cut small heart shapes from construction paper or colored printer paper for children to glue on cards. Craft: Children color card. Help them write the To: and From: names. Children add heart shapes cut from construction paper or draw their own hearts.
Puppy with balloons in color
Crayons, markers, dot markers
Card stock (optional)
11 X 17" paper (optional)
Valentine's Day stickers
bear candy dish sample
Bear craft page Bear Candy Dish - Prep: Print craft page. Make copies onto card stock. Craft: Children color pictures on craft page. Help children cut out pieces. Tape head (both back and front) onto plate (It will be more secure if you tilt it up). Glue on paws, feet and hearts. Place napkin inside before laying snacks on it to preserve plate, or use it for wrapped candy.
Card stock
Pink or red paper plates
Crayons, markers
Transparent tape
Glue sticks
Children's and adults scissors
love others hearts coloring page
Coloring page Hearts Coloring Page - Prep: Print and make copies of coloring page. Craft: Children color or paint picture. Option 2: Place glue on hearts. Place picture in art tray. Sprinkle glitter on hearts. Shake off excess glitter. Tip: Reuse glitter in tray by pouring in back into container using funnel.
Crayons, markers or paint
Glitter (Optional)
Art tray
Glue sticks
Crafts that go with lesson:
good samaritan puppets Background page

Good Samaritan Story Play Set - Prep: Use pictures in color (on lesson page) for use with lesson, if desired. Toddler Craft: Instead of using craft sticks, just leave the bottom open for child to insert hand, or they can just hold them, Saving Tip: Color them yourself to save on color inks. Print/Copy: Print background page. Copy at 200% onto 11 X 17 paper. Print and make copies of puppet figures (samaritan, hurt man, priest, and Man 2). Copy at 60 - 80% if desired. Donkey puppet if optional. Cut: (I advise to cut characters for children ahead of time (or get help), since you need a matching back piece (unless you just want to make them without the backing piece. But, craft sticks will stay on more securely with the extra piece used as backing). When you cut out characters (Cut on broken line), first staple blank sheet of construction paper or card stock on the back (cutting out an extra blank shape of the character at the same time you are cutting out the character). Color: Children color figures. Glue: Glue jumbo craft stick between character and its matching blank piece (on the back). Children hold stick to make character "walk". Make other pictures (lying hurt man and hat) will be used in sticker craft (below) to complete story play set.

Samaritan and hurt man puppet patterns
Priest puppet pattern
Man 2 pattern
Donkey puppet pattern
Plain white construction paper or card stock.
priest puppet Jumbo wooden craft sticks (popsicle sticks) *only for age 4+
Crayons, markers, dot markers
Glue sticks

priest hurt man sticker

Hurt man lying sticker Good Samaritan Story Stickers: Some stickers will be used with Golden Rule booklet craft (below). Color: Have children color characters. Cut: Help children cut out lying hurt man (on broken line) and good samaritan's hat. (They can crumple this up to use to clean hurt man's wounds when telling story). Apply restickable glue to the backs. Allow to dry before using as sticker. Use teddy bear, cat food, band-aid and sandwich stickers for craft below.
Other stickers
Restickable glue sticks
Crayons, markers, dot makers
golden rule booklet picture Hurt girl Golden Rule Sticker Booklet: Print Golden Rule pictures. Use pictures in color for lesson pages (see lesson page). Print/Copy: (Saving Tip: Make one copy of pages at a reduced size. Then to make copies for children, use two pictures to copy onto an 8 1/2 X 11 page. Make Booklet: Collate and stable booklets together. Make sure staples are not sticking out. Have children color pages. Color: Help children color booklet pictures and stickers. Stickers: Place restickable sticker glue to backs of stickers. Allow to dry before using. Concepts: Talk to children about what the book says when they are doing the craft. Help them place stickers in booklet or place in envelope.
Sad Boy
Pull cat's tail
Pet, feed cat
Everybody's happy
Crayons, markers, dot markers
Small envelopes to keep stickers in (optional).

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