Good Samaritan Activities and Games

Pretend Play Activity: Children will tell the story in their own words using the puppets/stickers.

Prep: Either let children use their own bible character puppets that they made for their crafts, or let them use the ones you created for the lesson. Activity: Divide children into groups of 4 children. . Give each child one character. Give them cues as what happens in the story, and guide them as to whose turn it is to "walk" or stick their character on the background board. Be sure to praise their efforts and not worry about getting all the details right, especially toddler ages.

Their own set of bible characters children made during craft (or use the set you made for the lesson)
Background board

Preschool Action Rhyme - Model for the children the corresponding actions in the left column as you say the words in the right column.

'Love your neighbor' is the rule Form a heart by putting index fingers together and thumbs together, and drawing tips of fingers down to form v of heart.
To help us obey, Jesus gave us a tool: Point to yourself.
He told a story ' bout who we should love, Form heart again, as above.
The kind of love that's from above. Point up.
Who is my neighbor?, asked the man. Place hands out to side, palms up.
Listen to the story that Jesus began: Cup ear.
A man was walking along one day. "Walk" fingers across in front of you.
He got beat up, I'm sad to say. Point to sad face.
The priest walked by like he didn't see. Place hands over eyes.
He walked on by, now, didn't he? "Walk" fingers across in front of you.
He went over to the other side. Motion with arm in an arc motion.
He didn't help, didn't even try. Shake head "no".
The second man came walking down the street. Hold up 2 fingers. "Walk" fingers across in front of you.
Here's where the story does repeat. Shake head "yes".
He also saw the man lying over there. Point to the floor.
But it wasn't a burden he wanted to share. Shake head "no".
He also walked on over to the other side. Motion with arm in an arc motion.
He didn't care; and he didn't cry. Point to eyes.
Another man came walking along. "Walk" fingers across in front of you.
This man knew what was right and wrong. Shake head "yes".
He must've know the golden rule. Point to your brain.
Maybe he learned it in Sunday school. Place hands out to side, palms up.
He cared for the man and took him to the inn. "Walk" fingers across in front of you.
I think the love in his heart grew within. Point to your heart.
This man knew his neighbor was EVERYONE. Make a sweeping motion with your hand.
There's none he shouldn't care for - no, not one! Shake your head "no".
Jesus said, "You do the same." Point to yourself.
Help the blind, and help the lame. Point to your eye, then your foot.
Visit the lonely, and care for the sick. Point to a few others.
Get over being mad, and don't nit-pick. Shake head "no".
Jesus told us to care for one another Make a sweeping motion with your hand.
Let's do that and love each other! Jump up.
Toddler Action Rhyme: Model for the children the corresponding actions in the left column as you say the words in the right column.
Jesus told a story to help us love each other, Form a heart by putting index fingers together and thumbs together, and drawing tips of fingers down to form v of heart.
To care for our neighbor, and care for our brother. Make a sweeping motion with your hand.
The first man came, and saw a man who was hurt. Hold up one finger.
He didn't care, left him lying in the dirt. Shake head "no".
The second man came walking along. Hold up two fingers.
And he also did what was wrong. Shake head "yes".
Even though he saw the man lying there. Point to your eye.
He didn't help, and he didn't care. Shake head "no".
The third man came. He had love to show! Hold up three fingers.
He said to himself, "I will go!". Point to yourself.
"I have time and love to share!" Form heart, as above.
He helped the one who was lying there! Point to floor.
Jesus says, "Be kind to each other". Point to others.
To always help and love one another. Form heart, as above.
Who should we love? Not just some. Shake head "no".
We should love, EVERYONE! (shout) Make a sweeping motion with your hand.
Activity 2 - Group Empathy-Building Activity - If your class schedule doesn't allow time to do this extra Group Activity, you could do it as a mid-week lesson, or do it the following week as a follow-up lesson. (I advise this for toddler agess, or for children with extra-short attention spans). Another option is to send the pictures home in a booklet form (Copy at 50%), along with the Activities Page, for the parents to do at home with the children. (See Craft Page for instructions).
Activity Instructions:
Mark Bible with verse: Luke 6:31. Print either the b&w or color pictures. (You may only want to print some of them, if time does not permit for the entire activity). Story pictures: 1 bw, 1color, 2bw, 2color, 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 5color. Bring a new toy for the class. It can be something as inexpensive as a coloring book or some playdough (ideally, something with more than one piece that would be easy to share). Divide children into small groups of 4-5 children to give them more of an opportunity to share and answer the questions. Show the pictures indicated in parentheses as you read the life-application scenarios.
Let's play the pretend game again to help us think about how we can love others. For each picture I show you, we can pretend we are person in the picture. We can think about how they might feel, and think about what they need. Then you can try to answer the questions. Are you ready?
1, teddy bear sticker from story p. 4) Justin lives down the street. One day you see that he doesn't have nice toys to play with. Pretend you are Justin, and try to think about how he must feel. He looks sad, doesn't he? What action could you do to show love to him? Raise your hand if you think you have an answer. (Let a child answer). (2) Yes, you could share your toys with him, or even give him some of your toys. (Let child place teddy bear sticker on picture). Very good. Thank you for showing us how we could love Justin, ____.
(1, teddy bear removed, and sandwich sticker from p. 4) The next day, you see Justin again. You ask him why he looks sad. He says he is hungry. His mom ran out of food, so Justin didn't get to eat lunch. Let's pretend we are Justin. What would you want someone to do for you if you hungry, like Justin is? (Let child answer). Yes. You could invite him to your house and share your lunch with him. You could make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or you could ask your mom if she had something for the two of you to eat. (Let child place sandwich sticker on picture). That would be very kind ____. Good job! That would show Justin that you really love him and care about what he needs.
(2, Band-aid sticker from p. 4) Kimmy was running fast outside while you are riding your bike. Kimmy tripped and fell. Should you just keep riding your bike when Kimmy is hurt? Pretend you are Kimmy, who is hurt. What would you want others to do for you? (Let child answer). She needs someone to help her. You could go get an adult to wash her cuts, and help put on the band-aid. (Let child place band-aid sticker on Kimmy's knee). Thank you ____. That's a wonderful way to show love!
(3) This little cat is Louie's pet. Louie thinks it would be fun to tease his kitty cat and pull her tail. But if we pretend we are the kitty, should Louie do that? (Let child answer). No! We know that pulling the kitty's tail would hurt the kitty. Jesus wants us to be kind to everyone, even to animals. Pretend you are the kitty. What would you want your owner do for you? (Let child answer). (4) Yes, Louie could pet the kitty gently, or feed his kitty instead. Then he would be showing love to his kitty. (Let child put cat food sticker on picture). Thank you, ____ for showing us how to be kind to our pets. Good job! Thank you all for helping.
(5) Now we see everybody is happy after love was showed to them! (Hand the new toy to a child in the class).