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TEACHER PREP: Start with the Inside the Ark coloring page from Day 3; and print and color the new Off Ark color page to use later in today's story too . If using the bulletin board with your story, put your rainbow up over the ark before class, and get the sunshine, altar and Noah praying ready to add on too. You will be taking the animals out of the ark one by one, and Noah and his family, and placing them outside of the ark.

Bible Memory Verse: Genesis 9:14-5 When I bring clouds over the earth and a rainbow appears in them, 15 I will remember my agreement between me and you and every living thing. Floods will never again destroy all life on the earth. NCV

Scriptures quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version, copyright © 1987, 1988, 1991 by Word Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee 37214. Used by permission.


The last few weeks (or days) we've been hearing the story of Noah and the animals. Last time, the story ended where Noah and his family were still waiting on the boat (Show the picture of Inside the Ark). They were waiting so patiently for God to tell them it was ok to get off the boat. The rain had stopped, but Noah still had to wait even longer. Waiting sure was hard! When would it be time to get off the ark? But, Noah just kept busy. He fed the animals, and cared for them. At least now that the roof was off the ark, Noah could have peek out of the top of the ark.

(If using the bulletin board, place the family members and animals out of the ark as they are mentioned, otherwise just show the Off Ark coloring page). Then one day, when the ground totally dry, God told Noah he could come off the ark. He told Noah to bring his wife and the rest of his family. He told Noah to bring all of the animals too! Hurry, Noah, hurry! Go get everybody and tell them the good news! So, Noah told everybody it was time to get off the boat! What a happy day it was! They could finally get off the ark! The animals came out too. Look at the lions sneaking out so quick! Roar-r-r-r! How happy they are! The tigers they come! The little mice run off the boat with their short little legs moving so fast. The little pigs ran off too, squealing all the way, Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! How excited everybody was to come off the boat! Arf-arf! Here comes the puppy-dogs too! Gr-r-r-r! Gr-r-r-r! Can you guess the name of the animal who growls like that as he runs off the boat? That's right. Its the bear. Eeee-eee-eee! Ooo-ooo-ooo! Who can name the animal that makes that sound? That's right, the monkeys. The monkeys run off the ark too. "Get me out of here!" they seems to say! There come the elephants too! Everybody better get out of their way so they don't get run over! Ba-a-a-a, baa-aaa! Here comes the soft woolly lambs too. It was such a happy day! Finally everybody could get off the boat! Oh, wait a minute. The little beavers are still on the boat. Let's get them too. Here they come. There, that's all the animals.

Noah's family gets off the boat too. Here comes Shem and his wife - look how quick they run! Ham and his wife hurry off the ark too! And, don't forget Japheth and his wife! There goes Noah's wife too...she is a little slower because she is older! Hey, what about Noah? Oh, there's Noah, now he's comes off the ark too! We can't forget Noah!

Once outside the ark, Noah and his family were so happy! The animals were happy too! Everybody was so thankful that God had kept them safe! The flood was over! The water had all dried up! What a beautiful day it was! (Add the sunshine to the bulletin board).

Noah and his family were so thankful to the Lord for saving them! Noah was so thankful that the first thing Noah did was to build an altar to the Lord. An altar was a made out of stones. It was a place to give gifts of praise to God. Noah did this to say "thank-you" to God for keeping him safe. God was so happy to hear Noah's "thank-you"! He promised Noah and the animals that he would never again flood the whole earth. Then he gave them a beautiful surprise to remind them of his promise! Do you know what that surprise was? It was a rainbow! God put a rainbow of many beautiful colors in the sky! Oh look! There it is! (Point to the rainbow) -- over there, high up in the sky! All those beautiful colors go across the whole sky! (move your arm in a wide arching motion and add the rainbow). Has anybody ever seen a real rainbow after it rains? God still surprises us with a rainbow sometimes after it rains.

That's a really beautiful surprise that God gives us, isn't it? And, that is a wonderful promise too. We know that God will never send a flood like that again. We can trust God's promises. God always keeps all of his promises.

So, every time you see a rainbow up in the sky after the rain, think of God's promise. Think of the story of Noah - how God helped Noah build the ark. And, think of how He protected everybody on the ark too. God was with them, watching over them. And, remember how much God loves you and watches over you too. It makes me really happy to see the beautiful rainbow and remember God's promises. I think it will make you happy too, next time you see a rainbow.

TRANSITION: Well, that is how the story of Noah and the animals went. Did you like it? Now let's have talk time and answer some questions about the story, then we can say a prayer together. Then we have some other crafts and activities to do.

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