NOAH'S ARK - DAY 3 - God Kept Noah Safe

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Safe & Snuggly Inside the Ark

(T) Raindrops

Color Raindrop Stickers (can be used in scrapbook activity, day 5, or for bulletin board


Booklet about Noah's Family - Ham, Japheth, Noah, Shem, Cover, Color coverNoah's Family Stickers

(T) Three Animals Ark - Top, Middle, Bottom, Animal Stickers b&w, Animal Stickers color



God Kept Noah Safe




Raindrop Decorations

Another Activity Idea: Bring a Noah's Ark plastic toy set, a large waterproof plastic bin and a sprinkle can. Set the ark in the plastic bin. Fill the sprinkle can with water. With supervision, one at a time, let the children take turns "raining" on Noah and the animals on the ark".