'NOAH'S ARK' Fun Pack


Noah's Ark Bulletin Board Group Project: Get some teens or other adults to help you make your bulletin boards. Or let the children help you color the pictures each week, that you'll need for the next day (or week).
Decide on the size of all your animals and people first - reduce or enlarge on copier - to see how big to make the ark, depending on the size of your bulletin board. You may want to make the animals more in proportion to the size they are to each other in real life (ex., the mouse and guinea pig smaller).
Laminate pictures of Noah and his family and the animals and sunshine to make them longer-lasting, or place clear shelf paper over them.



Other Ideas:

Printed pictures (listed below)



Felt (optional)


Staple remover

Scotch tape

Butcher paper


Large Bulletin board paper (brown, dk. blue, light blue, yellow, white, gray, etc.)

(See background directions for more optional supplies).


SKY, WATER: Make before 1st Lesson. Cut large shapes out of different colors of bulletin board paper for the sky and water. Use a darker blue or blue-green for the water. Cut fluffy clouds out of white or gray. Glue on ripped-apart cotton for special effects. Staple onto bulletin board. You may want to also draw waves on your water.

OR Paint or color the same background pictures onto white butcher paper. You can use the raindrop pictures from Day 3, Color raindrop pictures, or giant raindrops if desired.

ARK: Make Before Day 1 Lesson. Cut an ark (cut roof separately) out of a large sheet of butcher paper. (See 3 Animals Craft on Day 3 to see how to make the ark with 3 easy shapes.) Cut out of shelf paper that looks like wood for a special effect, or draw on lines to make it look like wood. Or, just keep it plain for a simple, clean look.

ANIMALS: Make Before Day 2 Lesson. Print the pictures of each of the animals below. Enlarge or reduce to size you want when making copies. Make 2 of each (they go into the ark in pairs). You may want to let the children help

you. You can let them choose the pictures they want to color Day 1, so they are ready for you to use for the Day 2 lesson. If you want to get fancy, add felt pieces or foam pieces for the fur. Cut out animals. (Remember to put their names on the back of what they color). If they want some to take home, you can give them the tradinig cards, and tell them they can also take their big animal pictures home at the end of the story, or give them extra copies to take home. * Please note: Tape or staple the bulletin board. (Please don't use thumbtacks around children, as they could swallow them if they find them on the floor).

NOAH'S FAMILY, RAINDROPS: Make Before Day 3. Print the pictures below. Cut apart and enlarge each person when making copies (to match the size of the animals you are using). Add scraps of fabric for texture effect.

DOVE, LEAF: Make before Day 4. Print dove and leaves, and reduce or enlarge on copier. Color leaf. Add white craft feathers to dove for special effect.

RAINBOW/SUNSHINE/ALTAR: Make for DAY 5: The easy way is to just color or paint the rainbow on a large sheet of white butcher paper. You may want to draw with a pencil first. OR If you want to cut the rainbow out of different colors of butcher paper, it will be easier if you first fold the paper in half vertically, and draw half of the rainbow, then cut both layers at the same time. Start with the smallest stripe, then trace the top of that stripe to make the bottom of the next larger size out of a different color, so that it all fits together.

Use the Noah praying and sunshine and altar picture below, or just cut your own sun out of yellow or orange paper. Cut circles out of brown or gray paper to create your own altar. Cut some sticks out of brown paper, and some fire out of orange paper to put on top of the altar.


Color Pages: Just use the pictures below as extra color pages

Noah's Ark Animals Scrap Book: Give each child several animals. Staple pages together, using 11 X 17" construction paper for cover. Let them color them or glue on scraps of fur or fabric. They can call it "My Noah's Ark Animals Scrapbook".

Puzzles: Color pictures. Glue each one on a sheet of thick Fun Foam. Place a sheet of clear contact paper (shelf paper) over it. Cut apart in a few pieces to make a puzzle. Keep pieces in labeled envelope.

Writing Lesson: If children are learning to write, let them write the name of each animal on the bottom of the page, and staple together to make a booklet.

Colors Lesson: To teach children colors, write a color on the top of each picture, and tell them what color to use. Staple together for "Colors" Booklet. (Ex. Orange for tiger, pink for pig, brown for monkey, yellow for lion, gray for elephant, white for lamb, etc.).

Farm/Zoo Lesson: If you are learning about zoo animals, jungle animals, or farm animals, use some of the pictures for that.



ANIMALS - Make 2 copies of each before DAY 2 lesson:
Popcorn the Puppy
Taffy Tiger
Marshmallow Mouse
Mocha Monkey
Lollipop the Lion
Cotton Candy the Lamkin
Sweet Tart the Elephant
Butterscotch the Beaver

Bubblegun the Bear

Peppermint Patty the Piglet
Noah's Family Raindrops

Noah and his wife

Ham and his wife

Shem and his wife

Japheth and his wife


Small raindrops

Small raindrops - Color

Big Raindrops


Printables for Day 4 Printables for Day 5





Thankful Noah



Sunshine & Altar