Snack Ideas
Mandarin orange segments or sugar cookies (that you make for the activity) and orange-flavored drink.
Toddler and Preschool Action Rhyme - Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak
Be quick to listen and slow to speak Cup ear with hand, then raise index finger to lips.
Quiet as a mouse with a little squeak Make ears by placing index fingers on top of head.
When you talk let it be helpful and good Open and close hand.
For building others' up, as words should Gradually raise hand in increments, palm facing up.
Be slow to speak and quick to listen Raise index finger to lips, then cup ear.
Listen close; be humble and meek Cup ear with hand.
Others need our attention and our care Hug yourself.
Listen close so you can really share Cup ear with hand.
God will help you have self-control Point to someone.
Loving God and others is my goal. Point up, then to someone else.
If you ask Him, he'll change your heart. Point to heart.
You've had his love from the start! Hug yourself.
Activity: Fruity Sugar Cookies!
Needed For Activity: How to
Sugar cookie dough Prep: Make or purchase some sugar cookie dough. Divide up the dough into different sections. Add a different food coloring to each section. Give the children each a little dough to make fruits, either with cookie cutters, or just by rolling into a ball between their hands. You could just let them eat the cookie dough fruits raw, put them in the baggies to take home, or if you used cookie cutters, you could bake them at the church (if you have an oven).
Food coloring
Fruit-shaped cookie cutters and flour (optional)
Plastic zipper bags.