Week 2-JOY - ACTIVITIES AND GAMES - preschool and toddler

Snack Ideas
Apple-cinnamon muffins or fruit bars
Toddler Rhyme - Joy and Love
Joy, joy, joy - its from God above.
Point up.
God gives me joy, and God gives me love.
Hug yourself.
Just like the fruit that grows on trees
Form a tree by putting your arns over your head, hands touching.
God will give me more and more of these!
Clap three times.
Head and shoulders, elbows and knees!
Touch your head, shoulders, elbow, knees.
Can I hug you, give you a squeeze?
Hug somebody.
More and more will grow each day!
Clap three times.
Stay close to Jesus and pray, pray, pray!
Point up, then place hands together as if praying.
Preschool Action Rhyme - The Fruits of the Spirit
Like the tree by the river is how I want to grow; Form a tree by putting your arns over your head, hands touching.
It doesn't fall over when the wind blows. Tilt your "tree" to the side.
For its by the water, so its very strong. Make a muscle with your arm.
Its like those who don't do wrong! Wiggle fingers like a person walking
Listen to God's word and you will see: Cup your ear with your hand
You'll grow strong just like that tree! Form a tree by putting your arns over your head, hands touching.
God' s Spirit will produce lots of fruit in you; Point to someone
Everything in God's word surely is true! Point up.
God's Spirit makes the furit of love, joy and peace; Hug yourself
This fruit keeps growing, it will never cease! Move hands in circles up and out in front of you, like lots of crops growing
Game / Activity - Toddler & Preschool - Fruit Guessing Game
Needed For Activity: How to Do activity:
Fruit stickers - color, or black & white. (Print on inkjet sticker paper with no separations in the paper - ie, do not get the kind to make different shapes of stickers), or you can just print on regular paper and use restickable or regular glue in a craft later.

Place some fruit stickers containing 4-5 different kinds of fruit in two of the three baskets. Place napkins over each basket, and place the baskets on the table. Have one of each fruit stickers lying on the table in front of the baskets so the children can see their options of fruit they can guess. Let the children line up at the table and take turns guessing which of the three baskets have fruit in it. If they guess right, they get another chance to guess which kind of fruit is in that basket. If the children don't know the name of the fruit, they can point to any of those lying on the table. If they guess right, they get to keep those stickers. If they already got stickers, they can just watch. If they did not get any stickers yet, they can go to the back of the line and take another turn. Have extras on hand for children who did not have any correct guesses.

3 pint baskets, wicker baskets or other fruit baskets
Cloth or paper napkins
*If you have older children in your group: They can also use these, printed on regular paper, for a matching game.