New Life in Jesus! Preschool Resurrection Lesson

Concepts Children Learn:
God did the best miracle!
When I put my trust in Jesus, God will do a miracle in me!
We have new life in Jesus!
Supplies Needed:

Note: This lesson is longer, so allow extra time for the important Circle Talk Time. Circle Talk Time Prep: Caterpillar: See Craft page for prep of caterpillar/cocoon and butterfly crafts. Sin Spot Stickers: Also cut small circles out of gray or brown construction paper. Make "stickers": by placing restickable gluestick glue on the back of the circles. Allow to dry. Keep in envelope with other stickers. Butterfly: Print b&w or color illustration. Make craft. Color it using bright colors if using b&w picture. Hide butterfly inside cocoon before class (heavy paper on top so children can't see anything inside). (See craft instructions). You will also put caterpillar inside cocoon during Circle Talk Time.

Playdough Cocoon option for Circle Talk Time: Have enough Playdough on hand to use during Activities also. Caterpillar: Prepare caterpillar craft as on craft page except use Playdough for the cocoon instead of the paper cocoon. Make spots into "stickers" as above. During Activity: Fold back butterfly's wings. Place behind caterpillar and glue with restickable glue stick (fold to make it hidden). Fold two together and place inside sealable plastic bag. During class you will make a cocoon around both with Playdough: Shape Playdough into cocoon shape, form a scooped-out place in the middle of the cocoon, and place caterpillar/butterfly inside, then mold it around them. (See photo above).

Bible marked with verses
Printed story pages
Samples of all crafts
Gray or brown construction paper
Restickable glue sticks
Snack-size (or smaller) resealable bag.
Also see Activities and Crafts
Prep: Mark your Bible with the key verse 2 Cor. 5:17. Make copies of other b&w pictures that you want to use for coloring pages, and other illustrated story pictures that you want to use as bulletin board decorations. You should already have pages 2-6 from last week. You can use 11color instead of 1 and 9. 1bw, 2bw, 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 6bw, 6color, 7bw, 7color, (you will need 2 copies of 7 for class) 8bw, 8color, 9bw, 9color, 10bw.

Key Bible Verse: Read 2 Cor. 5:17. Other scriptures used as reference: Matthew 26:36-55, 27:27-28:20; Mark 15:16 - 16:8; Luke 22:39-24:53; John 17, 18, 19:1-37.

If you were here last week, you heard the best story of the whole bible! Its a true story. I'll quickly tell the story again for the children who weren't here. You can help me tell the story. One day, Jesus had a talk with his friends. He told them that he would soon be taken away. But, he also told them, "Don't be afraid because I will come back again!" A little while later, what Jesus said came true. Do you remember what happened? (Let children answer). Yes. Some men came and took Jesus away. (1) They beat him, and hurt him very badly, and put nails in his hands to hang him on a cross made out of wood, like this one. (2) Jesus' friends were very sad as they watched Jesus suffer and die on the cross.

After Jesus died, his body was taken off the cross and wrapped in strips of cloth. Who can tell me where did they put Jesus' body? (Let children answer). Very good! (3, 4) They placed his body in a tomb. A tomb is like a cave where they put people who have died. (Point to tomb). Then a giant stone was rolled in front of the tomb. (Place stone sticker over front of tomb). Now it was shut tight. Jesus' friends went home very sad that day. But soon everything would change!

(5) Three days later, Mary and her friends went back to the tomb. When they got to the tomb, there was an earthquake. Do you remember who they saw at the tomb? (Let children answer). Yes! They saw an angel. The angel had rolled the stone away! (Place stone to the side of the tomb). (6) Mary and her friends were scared! But the angel had something great to tell them. Do you remember what the angel told them? (Let children answer). That's right. The angel said, "Don't be afraid. Jesus is alive! He has come back to life, just like he said he would! " Let's all say that together: Jesus is Alive! Let's say it louder. Jesus is Alive! Let's say it really loud! JESUS IS ALIVE! Mary and her friends were so excited that Jesus was alive again! They hurried back to tell the others. On the way back, suddenly, there was Jesus standing right in front of them! They were so happy to see Jesus again! Jesus told them to go back and tell the others; and that he would meet up with all of them again in Galilee soon! So Mary and her friends went back and told the others. And just like Jesus said, they all met up with Jesus in Galilee a little while later. Jesus' friends were so happy to have him back again! But then it was time for Jesus to go back up to heaven. They watched as Jesus went back up to heaven in the clouds. Let's take a break, then we will learn how Jesus changes our hearts.

Circle Talk Time:

(6,4) In the Spring God shows us his great power by bringing so many things to life! He brings beautiful flowers to life. (Place stickers on picture as you talk about them). He makes baby birds hatch out of their eggs; and he makes caterpillars turn into a beautiful butterflies! But, the very best miracle was when Jesus came back to life in the story we just heard! It shows us that God also has the power to give everyone new life who trusts in Jesus!

I'll show you what I mean: (7) Let's look at this ugly little caterpillar. He looks kind of like a worm that crawls around in the mud, doesn't he? But God didn't want him to stay like that forever. God planned for him to become a beautiful butterfly and fly way up high. If he ever wants to become a beautiful butterfly, he has to be changed. But he can't change by himself. (Shake head no). He needs a miracle from God. He spins a cocoon around his body: (Place the caterpillar inside the cocoon (with butterfly already inside), or for children age 3+, you can demonstrate it this way: Squirt some Silly String on the caterpillar/butterfly set. Mold some around the back without showing the butterfly to the children. Squish it together to form a oval-shaped cocoon. Then place it on the table. If children want to play with the Silly String, tell them there will time for playing with it later). Now he is inside. The cocoon just sits there. We can't tell what's happening inside. But we can be sure God is changing the little caterpillar. Then one great day, God gives him new life! He comes out of the cocoon as a whole new creature! (Let children peel away cocoon, and pull out butterfly out of formed cocoon or paper cocoon). We can throw away the caterpillar. Its just the old skin now. (Unfold the butterfly). Now he has become a beautiful butterfly for all to see!

(7 again) Before we know Jesus, we're like the little caterpillar. We all have ugly sin. (Place spots on caterpillar). We're weighed down with guilt. When we sin we feel bad. We're like the sad worm that crawls around in the mud. But God doesn't want us to stay that way. God's plan is for us to be changed on the inside. But we can't change ourselves. (Shake head no). We need a miracle! Who can help us? Our great God can! God is holy! That means that he has no sin. He is only love and goodness! He never does anything wrong. So God can help us become like him! Since God is holy and doesn't sin, if we want to live with him forever after we die, we need a new heart to be clean with no sin. I'm so thankful that God has a wonderful plan to save us! God loves us so much that he made a way for our ugly sin spots to be taken away. (1 again) When Jesus died on the cross, he was being punished for our sin. Jesus never sinned. Not even one time! (1,9) But we all sin, and we deserve to be punished, (Place kid stickers on cross). Did you know that Jesus loves us so much that he was willing to be punished so we wouldn't have to be? What a great thing Jesus did! (Take kid stickers off cross and place heart in the middle of the cross). Jesus loved us so much that he died for everyone. Jesus died for _____'s sins, and _____'s sins... and my sins. (Say each child and adult's name who is in the classroom, including yourself). So if we believe that Jesus died for us and are sorry for our sin, when we ask Jesus to change our heart, he will! That is a beautiful miracle that God will do for everyone who asks him!

(Read 2 Cor. 5:17). When you ask Jesus into your heart, he changes your heart and makes it clean. He gives you a new life! When we believe that Jesus died for our sins, tell him how sorry we are, and ask him to be our Lord and Savior, he changes our heart. Like the caterpillar sheds its old cocoon, God takes out the old, ugly sinful heart and gives us a new one. Then we are alive in Christ Jesus! He makes us a whole new creature on the inside! Then he sees us as being clean -- with no more ugly sin spots! God doesn't hold our sin against us because Jesus was already punished for us! (10) Now we can be free, like the butterfly flies free, instead of being weighed down by sin and guilt. (Fly butterfly puppet back and forth). We don't become beautiful all at once like the butterfly. But little by little, God helps us become more loving and kind. Each day he helps us become a little more like him! He helps us want to obey him. He gives us his power to help us not sin. He gives us new hope when he forgives us. And one day, when we get to heaven, those who trusted in Jesus will get to go to heaven, where everyone is happy, and live with him forever! Do any of you want to ask Jesus to change your heart? (Take those children aside and lead them in a prayer to admit their sin, being thankful that Jesus died on the cross to be punished for their sin, ask for forgiveness, ask Jesus save them and be their leader from now on. An assistant can pray with the other children.)

Prayer: Let the Holy Spirit guide you to say a prayer, and give the children a chance to pray also. Ask children if any of them want to ask God to forgive them and give them a new heart. Lead each one individually or in a small group in a prayer to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Transition: (Tell children about the butterfly crafts and activities you have planned).