Overview of Some End Times Events

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Quick Overview of some End Times Events

There are Many End Times Events Going on in the World Today:

Major Deception: Yes, there's a lot of deception going on, and they have been preparing people to accept it, little by little, for a long time. They make it seem like these things that they're setting up, are necessary and good, when they are meant to harm, and ultimately deceive people into giving their alligience to satan. Scripture tells us that someday, maybe sooner than we think, we won't be able to buy or sell without the mark (maybe chip, tatoo or engraving, etc.), OR his name, OR the number of his name. Those OR's are important. it won't just be about taking the chip/tatoo/mark. There will be other ways people will be deceived into thinking that they have to do something, or get a number, or a National ID card, a medical card, or some internet device to buy and sell online, or who knows what, in order to buy and sell, or maybe even to get a job. Seems like nobody is talking about that part of the Mark of the Beast verse that mentions "OR his name", "OR the number of his name", only the mark/chip part, which is why I'm emphasizing it here.

False Doctrine/False Pastors: Possibly the worse deceptions are coming through the churches... (even mega churches I have been involved in, in the past...but thankfully, never joined or stayed at for a long time). Some of the major deceptions and false doctrines that are going on are: the ecumenical movement, emergent church, eastern meditation practices. This discernment ministry has much information on a few of these subjects. Just plug a topic into the search bar. "fema pastors" being paid to get 'Disaster Relief' training to herd their flock into fema camps and quell dissent, etc. (Videos about fema pastors). Are Fema camps or 'Re-education Centers' "conspiracy theories?" Maybe. It could be that all those people are fear-mongering or lying. All I have to say is we do have the truth of the Bible. We do know that Christians will be jailed in End Times. Does it really matter what you call the prisons? They will be puting us somewhere. I think it's more likely that it's the people who are afraid of all this deny that it's happening. If you don't trust one living soul, or any news source, ok. But we can trust in the Lord Jesus' words: Christians will be jailed, and many will lose their lives near the End. We need to accept that and be ready (spiritually) for anything. There is no pre-trib rapture. Please prayfully study your (Non-Scoffield) Bible on your own, without extra-biblical notes and books, and without pre-conceived notions.

AntiChrist? Joel Richardson says the biblical Antichrist is one and the same as the Quran's Muslim Mahdi. He seems like he is very knowledgable to me (See some of his videos).

Remember Jesus' words of warnings to not go outside, which means that something will happen to cause some to be deceived and run out after a "fake Jesus". But we don't have to be deceived. Jesus warned us against it. We will know that when Jesus comes back, it will be loud! And Christians won't have to go anywhere. The angels will come and get us. The Lord knows all who are his. The technology is already here for a "fake rapture" to be pulled off: CGI, holographic images, etc.

Mind Control: There's been a lot of mind control stuff regarding TV, dumbing people down' with subtle messages in shows and ads, movies, etc., to make it easier for them to accept all this stuff.

Increasing Christian Persecution: We really do have to be ready to lose our lives for the Lord's sake, and not love this life too much. John 12:25 I'm making it a point to pray more. We're going to need it. Things are only going to get much worse from here. You see the signs, right? But if we keep our eyes on Jesus, he will see us through and bring about his purposes for our lives, even if it means being a martyr. We're largely unfamiliar with all that in this country, but many all over the world, more than ever before, are being persecuted, jailed, and even killed for being a Christian, as muslims prepare to set up their Caliphate (rule with Sharia law). I think it will come to America, as well... before the rapture. Matthew 24:9 tells there will be widespread death before the rapture. Note that is says 'hated by all nations'. To me that sounds like it won't just be happening in one place. Also the fifth seal in Revelation 6:9-11 tells about widespread Christian martyrs. Yes, God is able to save. Some will probably remain (physically) to the end. But we also have to remember, our time on this earth is very small compared to eternal life, and some of us are called to be killed for the cause of Christ, in order to be a witness to others that we really believe all that the Bible says about Jesus. Christians are being called terrorists, as many of you know by now.

Data Collection for the NWO/Mark of the Beast Technology: Apparently some churches now have facial recognition technology. What?! Remember, Jesus warns us, in Luke 12: 1, to be on guard against those who say one thing and do another (hypocrisy).

Of course I could add much more about wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence and earthquakes...and the other 'birth pangs' that have been on the increase.


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