When You're Feeling Weary, Remember What Jesus Did For You.

Enduring Hardship

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What Jesus did for you? (believers who trust in Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior

Inspired by Hebrews 12:1-13

Do you remember the agony of being tempted… then you gave in?
Jesus endured the most intense temptation when he was at his weakest physically, and withstood it, so he could show great compassion, mercy and comfort to you.
Do you remember being abandoned by a parent, lover, friend?
Jesus put up with being abandoned by his closest friends (whom he spent so much time with -- teaching, serving, loving) so you could experience his (true) faithfulness, his forever faithfulness. Jesus promises “I will never leave you or forsake you!”
Do you remember being so afraid when you were lost as a child?
Jesus took the time and effort to go look for you so you could be found…safe and secure with him forever.
Do you remember being invalidated, mocked, not feeling like you fit in or belonged anywhere? 
Jesus was willing to be called 'liar' and mocked so that you could belong to him.
Have you ever felt lonely, without family or friends around?
Jesus gave his right to stay with his Father in heaven, then, in obedience, gave up his own life, though he pleaded with God to "take this cup from me", but "Not my will, but yours", so you could be adopted into his family.  Because he longs to say to you “You’re mine! And “I call you friend”.
Do you remember a peaceful, serene special place you long to be? Jesus gave up his right to his home in heaven, far greater than you could ever imagine,…so you could be there with him some day, and made a special place just for you.
Do you recall ever being accused and shamed when you weren’t guilty? Jesus gave up his right to be honored, and was willing to be accused though he was completely innocent, and treated like a criminal to take away our shame.  (even though we WERE guilty). And now he is our advocate to anyone who tries to accuse you falsely.
Do you remember the pain of being rejected by someone you greatly desired to be with? Jesus gave up his perfect home in heaven. He was willing to be rejected so that you could be accepted.
Do you remember someone sinning against you over and over, hurting you, hating you.  Jesus endured the long hours of agony of hanging on the cross for you when you were still sinning against him, and is so patient with you while you refused to come to him for forgiveness, and is willing to forgive it all.
Do you remember the feeling of guilt that just can’t be shaken. You feel hopeless and condemned? Jesus died so you could live, and live abundantly free from guilt.  He declares you “Not guilty!”
Have you ever been humiliated, despised, treated like the scum of the earth? Jesus gladly took on the worst of hatred so you could be loved and cherished as his special child? 
Have you ever been beaten or abused? Jesus was beaten so much you wouldn’t even recognize him, for your healing.
Has someone ever broken your heart?  Jesus died so you could be whole again. Now you have a place in his heart.
Do you remember pain so excruciating you wanted to die? Jesus willingly experienced metal tearing through his flesh, nails pounded through his wrists, thorns pressed into his scalp and hanging on the cross because of his great love for you. Now you can be free from all pain someday.
Do you remember being chained to anything, physically emotionally or spiritually (addiction to drugs, food, sex, romance, porn, work, false teaching, controlled by anything? Jesus became a prisoner so you could be set free.  In Christ, you are free.
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