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Themes for Free BIble Lessons, Bible Pictures, Coloring Pages, Crafts and Activities for Children (Ages 2-5)

Most of hese free Bible lessons for kids have printable Bible coloring pages, color illustrated pictures for Bible story time and Bible activities for children aged 2-5. Some these are just crafts and coloring pages. Feel free to use them for family devotions, Sunday school lessons, missionary resources, children's church, etc. You are encouraged to save the files to your computer hard drive and make one copy onto an external drive. Feel free to contact Bible Kids Fun Zone if you have any questions. Terms & Conditions.

Free Digital Download Bible Lessons for Kids

(ages 2-5) in PDF format:

Free Bible Lessons for Kids (ages 2-5)

Printable web pages:

The lessons in downloadable file format are in this column. The lessons in this column are printable web pages:
Click Here for Quick download files (only online use) The links to the pictures (numbers) are near the top of each lesson.
Alphabet Theme (free) Armor of God Series (free lessons/skits)
Adam and Eve Disobeyed (free) Easter - See Resurrection

Armor of God (free) (also see printables)

Friends/ Puppy Pals (free devotional-type of lessons)
Ascension of Jesus (free) Fruit of the Spirit Theme (free lessons)
Christmas (See Nativity) God's Army Theme/Timothy (free lessons)
Creation Lessons (free) Good Samaritan (free lesson)
Creation Pop-up Crafts (My Bible Crafts) (free)

Mother's Day (free cards and crafts) (also see pdfs, left column)

Daniel lessons (My Bible Crafts free lessons) Nativity Original Crafts (free) (also see pdfs, left column)
David and Solomon lesson (free) / Father's Day Noah's Ark (free lessons and crafts)
Doubting Thomas / Jesus Ascension free lesson Patriotic theme USA (free flag crafts)

Father's Day (free lesson)

Puppy Pals (free lessons about friends)

Fun & Fitness (free crafts, coloring pages) Resurrection - 1 (free lesson) (also see pdfs, left column)
Jesus' Birth (free lesson)

Resurrection - 2 (free lesson) (also see pdfs, left column)

Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life (free MBC lessons)

Thanksgiving (originals are now in pdfs, see left column)

Jesus' Last Days (free lessons) Timothy / God's Army (free lessons)
The Last Supper (free lesson) USA (free flag crafts, activities, coloring pages)
Moses (free Bible lessons)


(Links to PDF files are in Left Column)


If you need more lessons for age 2-3, or more crafts for Sunday School

or preschool, visit our other website:

Sunday School Fun Zone.

(These lessons are not in pdf format, but printable web pages).


The lessons that were previously sold on My Bible Crafts

are now included in the left column, and are now free).



Mother's Day Ethnic Crafts (free - My Bible Crafts)

Mother's Day (free lesson) (also see printables)

Garden of Gethsemane (free lesson)

Nativity - 5 free Lessons (also see printables)

New Life (free Resurrection-2 lesson)
Noah's Ark Bible Story Booklet and Pop-up Crafts (free)

Palm Sunday (free Bible Kids Fun Zone lesson)

Palm Sunday (free My Bible Crafts lesson)
Resurrection (My Bible Crafts lessons)
Resurrection (Bible Kids Fun Zone lessons)
Road to Emmaus (free lesson)

Thankfulness / Thanksgiving (free lesson)

See more free Bible lessons, crafts, activities, Bible coloring pages and illustrations for children on our sister site: Sunday School Fun Zone.
Lessons in small Online files that are quick to download, but only usable with an internet connection.
These downloadable files are quicker to download for those with remote, slow internet connections. See the differences below:
Regular Downloadable Files (Above in left column) Online Downloadable Files for Slow Connections

After you save them to your computer, you can open them using any pdf Reader without getting online.

Even after you save them to your computer, and open them using any pdf reader, you will have to be online to view them.

A few with slow internet connections in remote areas, or those who need their virus protectors have had trouble with the regular pdf files, as they are quite large (up to 7 MB at times)

Those with slow internet connections in remote areas, and those using virus protectors have been able to download them.

Advantage: If the site goes down, or if your internet is interrupted, you can still access your saved pdf files. (But it's still a good idea to save hard (paper) copies in case your computer crashes).

Disdvantage: If the site goes down, or if your internet is interrupted, you won't be able to get to them. It's a good idea to save hard (paper) copies of all of the lessons.

Quicker to Print. No links to click except to download. The content is the same.

You'll have to click the links to go to the different pdf files. The content is the same as in the regular pdf files.

If you can download the Regular pdf Files, I see no reason why you would want the smaller ones. If you have a decent internet connection you should have no problems. It is rare when someone has problems. Email BKFZ if the tips don't help.
If you can get a better internet connection, having pdf files that you can use offline (the bigger files) would be advantageous for the above-mentioned reasons.
All of the resources on Bible Kids Fun Zone, Sunday School Fun Zone and My Bible Crafts (lessons, crafts, activities, etc.) are now free! The links to the crafts and lessons from My Bible Crafts are included in the list of lessons above (left column). Please still follow the Terms and Conditions. These may be updated soon.
Quick Look at Terms and Conditions

Terms: Please remember these are copyrighted materials. As the terms (See the link at the bottom of this website's home page) have stated from the beginning, you may not upload or "share" the larger printable-size pictures to any website - that includes social media websites and blogs; nor are the images to be redistributed or sold. (See link for complete Terms of Use at the bottom of the home page of this website). If you want to share the 2" pictures, please include a text link back to this website to the webpage only, not to the picture.

Trouble opening or downloading the files?

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Clicking the links will start the pdf download automatically. Please only click the links once, then save to your computer and make one back-up.

Step 1: Know the Conditions of Use

Before you begin I want to remind you that these are copyrighted resources. They are not to be distributed, shared, or uploaded to any blog or website or any electronic device, except the following: You are permitted, and advised, that you also save a copy of the pdf files to an external drive in case of a computer crash. Refer to the complete copyright information on this web page: http://biblekidsfunzone.com/grownups/conditionsofuse.html

Step 2: Install/Update a pdf reader (version 7.0 or later). You do not need to join any pdf subscription services. There are lots of free or inexpensive pdf readers on the market. Depending on the pdf reader you are using, you may have to consult the reader's instructions for viewing/opening pdf documents). Below are general instructions.

Step 3: Download
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Using your pdf reader, open the downloaded files, so you can view and print them without accessing the website. This is a large file. After you open the file, it may take a few seconds for the document to appear in the pdf reader window.

You can also use the new small, Online PDF Files that are quick to download. The downside is that you have to have an online connection in order to view or use them.

Instructions For the Original Lessons (Printable Web Pages). For pdf instructions click here.

Themes: Always make sure you are logged on to the Bible Kids Fun Zone Membership area before looking for the printable pages. From the Bible Kids Fun Zone Membership page (this page), Scroll down and click on the names of the theme or linked pictures that you wish to view or print. The themes are listed in alphabetical order.

Lessons: Once on the theme page, click on the links to the lessons, Activities and Crafts to go to each respectively. Some themes do not have a lesson (ie., ABC theme, Patriotic/U.S.A.

Printable Pictures: In the top paragraphs after the Concepts, you will find instructions on how to prepare for the lesson. The numbers in this paragraph are linked to the printable pictures. Click on the numbers to go to the printable pages. These numbers correspond to the numbers in parentheses in the lesson below, telling you when to hold up that picture. For some lessons, there are additional printable pages on the Craft Page and/or Activity page.

Activities and Crafts: The links to the Activities and Crafts are on the bottom of the lesson pages (sometimes also on top).You will find directions in the Preparation area of the Lesson Page, and more detailed instructions on the Craft and Activity pages.

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