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The links on this page go to the small, easy-to-download files for those few who are in a remote areas and have trouble downloading the large pdf files because of a slow connection (or if you can't part with your virus protector and it's interfering with the download). These smaller files, unfortunately, need an internet connection to work.

So, the advantage of using the bigger files is that you can use them even when your internet is down, or if this website was down. If everything downloads fine for you, I don't see any advantage to having these files. It's a little more time-consuming to click the links. Feel free to download these files as well, even if you can download the larger ones. They are otherwise exactly the same as the larger ones. I advise you to always at least download the bigger files, if you can, for offline use, and save a backup, as there will likely be upcoming internet changes.

Quick but Important Instructions
After you click on the theme, you'll need to mouse-over (move your mouse over the bottom of the web page) until you see the four icons. The first two are to zoom in or out. Click on the third one from the left to Preview. Then you'll need to click "Allow" to connect to the pdf web page. You'll be able to print by clicking the links on the Preview Page.
Themes in Alphabetical order except for
Adam and Eve Palm Sunday
Armor of God Resurrection Fun Pack including:


The Last Supper (see Resurrection)
Creation Garden of Gethsemane (see Resurrection)
David and Solomon / Father's Day Road to Emmaus (see Resurrection)
Father's Day (David and Solomon) Doubting Thomas / Jesus Ascension (see Resurrection)
Mother's Day (same as Father's Day)  


General Preschool Themes
Thankfulness / Thanksgiving Alphabet Theme
  Fun & Fitness
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