Moses Fun Pack 1 - Baby Moses -- Red Sea


Please note: 13 lessons are planned for this series, but I cannot say when the Fun Pack 2 will be complete, so if you want wilderness, 10 commandments and Promised Land lessons, you may want to wait until they are completed to teach them, or almost completed.

Baby Moses lesson + bw pictures (pdf)

Baby Moses color-illustrated pictures (pdf)

Baby Moses - same as above, print from web

Plagues, Part II Lesson + bw pictures (pdf)

Plagues, Part II color illustrated pictures (pdf)

God's Great Plan (Moses the Shepherd)

Passover Lesson + bw pictures (pdf)

Passover color illustrated pictures (pdf)

The Burning Bush lesson pages and black and white pictures (pdf)

The Burning Bush color illustrated pictures (pdf)

Red Sea Lesson and bw pictures (pdf)

Red Sea color illustrated pictures (pdf)

Plagues, Part I bw pictures (pdf)

Plagues, Part I color illustrated pictures (pdf)


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