Toddler - Fruits of the Spirit Lesson 3

The Tree by the Water Always Has Fruit! - Peace

Concepts Children Learn:
I can trust God.
God gives us peace.
When I trust God, I don't have to be scared.

Prep: Have your Bible Marked with the following verses: Jeremiah 17:7-8 and Galatians 5:22-23. You may want to use an easy-to-understand Bible, like a children's Bible, or the standard Bible that your church likes you to use. Make up the sample of these crafts. You will be using them for the lesson: Pop-up tree craft, Booklet craft Page 1 and Page 2. You will find the directions on the craft page. Print off the story pages. You will already have #2 if you have been doing the lessons in order. B&W pages: 1, 2, 3 Color pages 2, 3.

If you don't have it yet, make up a sample of the Fruity Bear craft. See Craft page for patterns and directions, You will be using him for the Circle Talk Time.

Circle Talk Time Skit: Have an assistant read the part of Fruity Bear or use a little-kid voice. See craft page for supplies and directions.

The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Today's Bible Verses: Jeremiah 17:7-8 and Galatians 5:22-23. Other verses used as reference: Isaiah 26:3, Philippians 4:6-9.

Today we will learn about another Fruit of God's Spirit. (1) Last week we talked about trees that are planted by a river. This week we have another verse that tells about a tree planted by water. (Read Jer. 17:7-8).

(2) Last week we learned what fruits God's Spirit gives us. Can anybody tell me what some of those things are? (Give children a chance to answer). That's right, things like love, and joy, and peace. Do you know what peace is? Well, when we have peace, we know that God will take care of everything. We have peace when we are not afraid or worried. (Shake head "no"). (3) When we trust in God, we can be like that tree planted by the water. It doesn't worry. Its not afraid of anything. And it has lots of fruit - even the fruit of peace!

But, how do we know we can trust God? Well, we know that God always keeps his promises. Everything he tells us in the Bible is true. We can always trust what God says. And, he has promised to never leave us! And he promises that he will always love us! So, when we trust in him, there is nothing to worry about. (Shake head "no"). When we rely on him we don't have to be afraid anymore. (Shake head "no").

(pop-up tree craft sample) (Pretend Play Activity:) Let's look at this. It says, If you trust in God...(open card and read it). Let's pretend that we are the beautiful trees that are planted by the water. Let's all lift our hands up and make trees. Our fingers are our branches. We can wiggle our fingers like the leaves. Wiggle your fingers. Because we get so much water our leaves are shiny and green! When we are first planted by the water, we just grow a little (Stoop down low, with your hands above your head). But, then we produce a little bit of fruit. Pop! Pop! Pop! (Flick your fingers, and move your hands around, like fruit is popping out in different places). But then it grows up taller and taller. (Start standing up) And it produces more fruit! Pop! Pop! Pop! (Flick your fingers like fruit is popping out). Every year, we produce more and more fruit! Pop! Pop! Pop!Pop! Pop! Pop! (Continue to flick your fingers more). Our trees are calm and happy. We can be like our trees. We can have peace when we trust in God. We have lots of fruit because we rely on God.

So, when you start to worry or start to feel afraid what can you do? (Booklet craft) Let's look at this little book. (Show the 1st four pages only. Start the sentence with "This little boy...or This little girl). If we are afraid or worried, then we don't have peace. (Shake head "no"). What should all of these children do when they start to feel afraid or start to worry? (Give the children a chance to answer). Yes. (Bible picture in booklet) We can think about God's promises. He promises to always be with us and love us. (Prayer picture in booklet) And, we can just pray. That way, we let God take care of all the things that we worry about. God loves to help his children! And, each one of you is his special little child (Point to each child in the room as you say their name). Every time we feel afraid, we can just call on God. He is there to help us and guide us. He will show us what to do. He will help us obey him. God loves us so much that we don't have to worry. He will always keep his promises to love us. And, he will never leave us. (3 again) See all the ripe, juicy peaches on this tree? That's how much peace God's Spirit can produce in us when we trust in him! - and even more than that! Hey! Look who's here! Its our friend Fruity Bear!

CIRCLE TIME SKIT: (What does this mean for me?)

Fruity Bear: (Peeks out of the top of the table).
Teacher: Hi Fruity Bear! Come up and talk to us.
Fruity Bear: (He goes back under the table)
Teacher: Fruity Bear! What's wrong? Why are you running away?
Fruity Bear: (Peeks up over the table again).
Teacher: (Come talk to me. You can whisper if that is easier).
Fruity Bear: (Hold the puppet next to your ear, as if he is whispering). Assistant makes whispering sounds.
Teacher: Oh! I see! He's feeling afraid right now. He is afraid that you might be mad at him. He forgot to bring his fruit with him. You know what, Fruity Bear? We all forget things sometimes. And, you know what else? I brought some extra fruit. So nobody is going to be mad at you.
Fruity Bear: (Bring Fruity Bear up above the table) Oh, o.k., if you say so. Hi everybody.
Teacher: We are just glad you are here! Here. Have some fruit. (Stick some peaches on Fruit Bear).
Fruity Bear: Why do I have peaches all over me?
Teacher: Because they remind of us of the fruit of peace. We are learning about peace today. We learned that if we trust in God we don't have to be afraid or worry. We will have the fruit of peace.
Fruity Bear: Oh... I guess... maybe I should've prayed before I came. Then I wouldn't be afraid. Because God would've told me that everything would be o.k., huh?
Teacher: Yes. But, its o.k. We all feel scared sometimes. Even grown-ups worry sometimes, and feel scared sometimes.
Fruity Bear: You do?
Teacher: Yes, I guess I need to learn to trust God more too, huh?
Fruity Bear: Yeah! You too! What should do you do when you feel afraid or worry?
Teacher: Well, if we pray when we first start feeling afraid, we can have the fruit of peace. We won't be afraid anymore after we talk to God. When I remember God's promise to be with me always and never leave me, then I'm not afraid anymore because I know how much God loves me.
Fruity Bear: O.k., then that's what I will do too! I hope all of the children pray first too. And, I hope they remember God's promises too! Well, I gotta go now, but I 'll be back next week! Bye-bye.
Teacher: Everybody say, "Bye-bye" to Fruity Bear. (wave and say bye-bye, thanks for coming!).
Transition: Let's bow our heads, close our eyes and fold our hands. I'll say the words first and give you time to say them after me if you'd like to.

PRAYER: Dear God,

Fruit in me.

Thank you for loving me so much!

Fruit like love and joy.
Thank you for showing me how to love others. Help me stay close to you
Thank you, that when I So I can produce
Stay connected to you, Lots of fruit!

That you produce lots of

In Jesus' name, Amen.
Transition: Now we have some fun crafts and activities that go with this lesson. Go To Activities Page for activities. Go to Crafts Page for Week 1.

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