Preschool / Toddler Fruit of the Spirit Activities - Lesson 8 (Gentleness)

Snack Ideas
Cherry fruit roll-ups or strawberry newtons.
Toddler and Preschool Action Rhyme - God Helps Me Be Gentle!
Just watch the gardener and you'll see: Form circles with thumbs and index fingers, and place over eyes.
How gentle he is with his tree. Pat one hand with the other.
The branches that are broken, he will fix. Hold out arm straight, then let hand bend at wrist.
He gives strength and love to the little sticks. Hold up index finger in front of you
God is gentle with me - I'm so glad! Point to yourself.
His Spirit comforts me when I'm sad. Make sad face.
He gives me his love every day! Hug yourself.
He always hears me when I pray. Place hand around ear.
God helps me be gentle too. Point to yourself.
If you ask him, he'll help you. Point to a neighbor.
With gentle hands, I'll help others. Hold hands out in front of you
Jesus likes us to love one another. Hug somebody.
God helps me be gentle and meek. Point to yourself.
He helps me use soft words to speak. Point to mouth.
He helps me not fight or blame others. Put fists up in front of you.
He helps me to love each and every brother. Hug somebody different.
Activity - Let's Pretend We Are Gentle Mommies and Daddys.
Needed For Activity: How to Do Activity:
Teddy Bears or baby dolls. Prep: Set up all items in one area of the room. Have 3-4 children work at this activity at one time, or more if you have enough items to play with. Show children how to treat their bears or dolls gently, ex., comb their hair gently, change diapers carefuly, gently rock them to sleep, sing to them, dress them gently, feed them gently, burp them gently, pat them and comfort them when they cry, put band-aids on their boo-boos gently, etc. While you do this activity, emphasize the lesson concepts that God treats us gently, and he likes it when we treat others gently.
Doll accessories: Ex., Diapers, bottles, diapers, plates, spoons, food, bibs, clothes, high chair, combs and brushes, Band-Aids, blankets, beds, etc. .