Preschool / Toddler Fruit of the Spirit Activities - Lesson 3 (Peace)

Snack Ideas
Peach jello or real peaches, cut up.
Toddler Action Rhyme - God's Spirit Gives me Peace!
Peace is from the Lord above.
Point up.
God gives me peace, and he gives me love.
Hug yourself.
Just like the fruit that grows on trees
Form a tree by putting your arms over your head, hands touching.
God will give me more of these!
Clap three times.
When I trust God, I won't be afraid.
Shake arms, as if afraid.
He gives me peace after I've prayed.
Place hands together as if praying.
I won't worry. I won't be scared.
Clap three times.
Because I know God loves me cares!
Hug yourself.
Preschool Action Rhyme - The Fruits of the Spirit
If I was a tree, what kind would I want to be? Form a tree by putting your arms over your head, hands touching.
An apple tree, a peach tree, or even a plum tree? Hold up three fingers, one at a time as you say each kind.
Whatever kind I was, I'd want to be sure, Hold arms out to the sides with elbows bent, palms facing up, flexed, as if saying whatever.
that I was strong, and I was secure. Make a muscle with your arm.
I'd want to produce fruit - a whole lot of it! Form a tree by putting your arms over your head, hands touching.
I'd want it to be good, so people would love it! Jump up and down excitedly.
If we trust in God he'll produce fruit in us! Point up, then to yourself.
So we won't have to fret or fuss. Shake head "no".
He'll make us grow up so very strong! Stoop low and come up.
And he'll produce good fruit before too long! Move hands in circles up and out in front of you, like lots of crops growing.
Game / Activity - Toddler & Preschool - Too Much Fruit!
Needed For Activity: How to Do activity:
Three large baskets or boxes

Prep: Divide the children into two teams. Give an empty basket to each team. Have the box filled with balls in front of you. Game: Make sure children know which basket they put their balls in. Have the children stand in one area. Explain to the children that you and ______ (your assistant) keep "growing so much fruit" because you are planted by the water! So when you grow the fruit, the children have to go gather it. They chase the balls and put them in their teams' basket. Help the less aggressive children find balls. Explain the rules: They cannot take a ball off of someone else. If they throw the ball in their basket, and miss, someone from the other team can get it. Whichever team has more fruit (balls) after all of the balls have been picked up, wins. Have the children put their prizes away in their envelopes before play again. Play again as time permits. Give stickers or prizes to those who did not get any during the game.

Lots of colorful balls (red, green, orange, yellow purple, blue.)
Stickers (see craft page, week 4 for directions) or other prizes.
Evelopes with each child's name on it.