Fruit of the Spirit Activities - Intro Lesson

Intro Lesson - Fruit of the Spirit
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Snack Idea: Fruit Cocktail

Pretend Play Activity - Let's Pretend We Are Running Away From Sin.

Masking tape Prep: Print off sticker page onto InkJet Sticker paper or regular paper (have children just glue them to a craft page, or take them home). Cut stickers apart. Mark off a dividing line across the middle of the floor with the masking tape. Instructions: Show them what sin sounds like: (Have your assistant or yourself growl loudly and show your "claws".) You will both take turns making this sound during the game. Tell the children that the object is to run from sin. They have to stay on that one side until they hear the growl. Once they do, the object is to run to the other side without getting caught. Whoever gets to the other side without getting caught gets a sticker or a prize. To Start: Have the children walk back and fourth across one side of the room, with you on one side of them, and and your assistant on the other. One of you growls, so they have to run to the other side of the room. Once they get to the other side, they are "safe". Save some prizes for the children who may not get any during play.
Fruit Stickers bw or fruit stickers in color or candy.

Action Rhyme - Free Gift! The rhyme is on the left. The corresponding actions are in the right hand column. Show the children once the actions as you go through the rhyme once, and let them join you as they feel comfortable. Then go over it again and encourage more children to join you.

God has no sin. He is holy and pure. Point up.
He is full of love - we can be sure! Make a heart by curling your fingers, then touching both hands together at tops of fingers and thumbs (stretched down).
When he made people, he loved us all. Hug yourself.
But we were separated from him, ever since the fall. Draw a straight line across, above your head.
I have sin inside my heart Point to your heart.
Its been there right from the start. Put hands on hips.
It separates me from God above. Draw a straight line across, above your head, then point up.
But he still looks down on me with love. Place hand above eyebrows, and look down.
He sent his Son to die on the cross. Make a cross with two fingers.
He died for me no matter what the cost. Point to yourself.
His blood covered up my sin and shame Place hands over your face.
Saving me was his aim Point to yourself.
His grace is a free gift for all you see Place hands out in front of you, together but open.
He loves us so much, you and me Hug yourself, point to someone then yourself.
Will you ask the Lord to forgive your sin? Point up.
Open your heart and let him in. Point to your heart.
Will you ask him to be your Lord and Savior? Point up.
He'll change your heart, then your behavior. Point to your heart.
He'll be your Father, you'll be his child Point up then down to someone.
As heaven looks down at you, and smiles Place hand above eyebrows, and look down.
He'll help you grow and be by your side. Place hand in front of you, palm down, and raise in increments.
When you have questions, he'll be your guide. Place hand on chin and tilt your head.
He'll never leave you - never, no never! Clasp one hand in the other.
Then he'll take you home to live with him forever! Throw hands up in the air.
Game - Who Has the Rotten Fruit?
Needed For Activity: Prep: Draw stems and leaves, and a face on each bean bag. You can draw a mean face on the black or brown one. That is the rotten fruit. How To Play: Have the children hold hands to spread out and form a circle, then drop hands. Then have them take a step backwards to enlarge the circle. (Young toddlers can sit closely together on the floor and toss or push the fruit on the floor instead). Tell the children you will be throwing it to the person on your right. Toss a "fruit" to a child and have them toss it to the next person. One by one, introduce more fruit to the circle, so that you should have all 10 fruits going at the same time. In a couple of minutes, stop the music. Ask who has the rotten fruit? The child who has the rotten fruit at the time the music stops gets to answer a question. Ask them what their favorite fruit is. If it lands on the same person again, ask them a different question, like what their favorite fruit candy is, etc.
9 Round, or square bean bag in as many bright colors as you can find. Try to find a brown or black one also.
Permanent markers, black and green
CD and CD Player