Armor of God Fun Pack

Games and Activities

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Games using Bears with Sticker Armor)
What's Missing? (Group or individual)
Find All My Armor (Group or individual)


• 1 set of Sticky Bear or Tickles with the 6 pieces of Armor (See Crafts Page)

• Piece of folded cardboard (from 3 sides of a box) which can stand up by itself. (This will be Sticky Bear's dressing room. A stage with curtains would be great too).

• Prizes and stickers


Prep: Make Sticky Bear and armor according to directions on craft page. Stand up the folded cardboard to serve as Tickles' dressing room. Place the armor behind the dressing room.

Instructions: Hold Tickles up with no armor on. Say, "this is Tickles the Bear. He is going to go get ready for battle. Only one problem...he's Canada forgetful. He needs your help. See if you can help him remember which piece of armor he forgets. You will each get a turn. he goes, back to his dressing room to get dressed for battle.

Begin Game: Take Tickles behind the dressing room. Stick all of the armor on the bear except one piece. Bring Tickles out from the dressing room and say, "Oops! Tickles forgot a piece of armor. ______ (name of the first child), can you guess which one it is? Give the child a chance to answer. If he doesn't know, then he can guess. If he gets it right, he gets 1 point. If not, then the question goes to the next person, and so on, until someone gets it right. Then Tickles puts that piece of armor on, and says, "Here it's my sword! (whichever piece of armor was forgotten) Now I'm ready for battle."

Then he goes back to his dressing room, and comes out, again with a piece of armor missing (a different piece each time). The second person gets a chance to answer. Continue playing as explained above. The game continues until all of the missing pieces of armor have been guessed. If someone has not had a turn, you can start over and repeat some or all of the pieces of armor.

Prizes: The number of points will equal the number of prizes to be awarded. Have some stickers on hand for those who didn't get any answers right, so that everybody gets something.


Any Picture of Tickles or Sticky Bear (Color Pages or Posters) (See Crafts Page)

• Armor Color Sheet (print 1, make 3+ copies) or sticky bear armor.

• Prizes and stickers

• Envelopes or bags.


Prep: Cut apart all of the pieces of armor around the room or playground. You can assign points to each piece of armor to make the game more challenging. Write the points on the back of each piece. Decide how many points the children need to get each prize. Optional: You can tape small prizes to the back of each piece of armor.

Instructions: : This game is like an Easter egg hunt. Give the children enough time to find all the pieces of armor. You can have a helper to help the younger children find them, and make sure everyone has some. You can have some extras on hand for those who didn't find any. Add up all the points of the armor. Award prizes according to each child's points.


Stick the Armor on the Bear

What Does My Armor Mean?


• Tape

• Piece of cardboard

• Thumbtacks

• Blindfold (headband, bandana, etc.)

•Sticky Bear or Tickles with the 6 pieces of Armor (1 set) (See Crafts Page) (If you make an 11" X 17" color copy of the bear and his armor before you "laminate" them, it will make the game easier and more fun for the little ones!) Use the b&w set and get the kids to color it to save a little money.

• Prizes and stickers

Prep: (Print 2 sets of Sticky Bear with armor if you have a lot of children and you want the game to go faster.) Make Sticky Bear and armor according to directions on craft page. Tape Sticky Bear to the piece of cardboard. Thumbtack the piece of cardboard up on a wall, at about the same height as the children are.

Instructions: This game is played a lot like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". The children line up. Each one gets a turn. Give the child a piece of armor. Show them the sticky side that will stick to the bear. Blindfold the child. Turn him around 2 or 3 times. Point them in the direction of the wall. They try to place the armor somewhere on the bear. It doesn't matter if the armor is in the right place, as long as it touches some part of the bear. Each child gets two or three tries. Give prizes for each piece of armor that manages to get stuck on the bear. Give stickers to the kids who don't get any armor on the bear.


• Sticky Bear or Tickles with the 6 pieces of Armor (1 set) (See Crafts Page)

• Prizes and stickers


Prep: Make Sticky Bear and armor according to directions on craft page.

Instructions: Hold Tickles up with no armor on. Say, "this is Tickles the Bear. He is trying to get ready for battle against the devil, but he's just a little bear, and he doesn't know what his armor means yet. To play this game, you will each get a chance help him learn what his armor means. Place one piece of armor on Tickles. Using a little kid voice, Ask the 1st child, "What does my helmet mean?", The child gets a chance to say. If he doesn't know, the question goes to the next child, and so on. When someone gets it right, they get a prize. Then take that piece of armor off, and put a new piece on. Continue giving each child a chance to answer until they have all had a few turns. You can repeat the game if the children still need more work learning what the armor means. Give stickers to the children who don't get any prizes.

More Armor Games and Activities

Armor Bear Puzzles


Any Color or b&w coloring page or poster (See Armor Coloring Page or Posters)

Manilla envelope

Thick foam sheets


Gel glue


• Color picture if using b&w picture.

• Place glue on back of picture, smearing around to all areas. Glue onto sheet of fun foam. Press firmly. Let dry.

• Cut into pieces. Keep the pieces big for younger kids (6-8 pieces).

• Keep the pieces in the Manilla envelope when not in use.

Beat the Clock Armor Dress-Up


• Clothes to serve as armor: 3 pieces of each of the following (or more depending on how many teams you want to have play against each other). Belt, bicycle helmet, smock or vest (for breastplate), shoes. Use the craft samples for the shields and swords, or purchase plastic ones to use.

• Rope, or masking tape (if playing inside).

• Scissors to cut rope.

• Prizes

Prep: Rope off or tape off relay rows on the floor (or grass). (about 3 feet wide, and 15 - 30 feet long (depending on space). And also mark off start and finish lines across both ends of the rows. Place one set of clothes at the start line.

Instructions: This is a relay race. Divide the children into teams of 4-6. Each team must have an equal number of children on it. Place half of each team at the start line. Place the other half of the team members at the other end of the rows.

When the leader says "On your mark, get set, go", the first child puts all the armor on as quickly as they can. They run with all the armor on down their row, across the line and , take off all the armor. The second team member is waiting there, and puts all the armor on, and runs back down to the start line, and takes it off. The next team member put it on and runs back down the row. This continues until all members of one team crosses the finish line with all the armor on. If they loose a piece of armor while running, they have to go back and get it. The next team member cannot start running until they have all the armor on. Each member of the winning team gets a prize.